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Friday, April 1, 2011

Lost Keys!

This last week was kind of a crazy week.  On Monday when we got home, I reached in my pocket to look for the keys to the house, and they weren't there.  My companion knows how to pick the lock, so we got in the house and looked around to see if we had left in in the house, which it wasn't.  So we went back out to look for it, but with out any success.  The next day we called the vehicle coordinator, and he told us that he could come the next day and give us the spare key.  But he also told me that it would cost about 250 to replace the key, so we pretty much needed to do everything we could to find the key.  Not to mention the fact that it would take him about  2 hrs to drive to our apt. from the mission office.  So we pretty much spent the entire day looking for the key.  We retraced our path the day before about three times, we turned our house upside down.  We even figured out how to break into the car to see if we had left the key in the car.  It was kind of interesting.  We slipped a metal hanger with a hook on the end through the crack on the window and looped it around the door handle and pulled it open (on the car we have if you just pull on the handle it will unlock the car.   But it still wasn't there.  When our vehicle coordinator finally came the next day, we were able to open the trunk (which you can't upen from the inside of the car...I'm not sure why, it's broken or something) and they keys were there!!  But It was also kind of disappointing, Tuesday we had about 7 appointments planned, but we had to call all of them and cancel, because the appointments were all about 25 mi away.

[Investigator] has plans to be baptized this coming week!  He was interviewed on Sun., and this Saturday, in between sessions of conference, he will be confirmed.

 This week we had plans to teach one of our investigators, and we got a call about an hour before and his mom invited us to come eat dinner with them that night.  I don't think [he] or his mom had planned this out or anything, but it worked out good.  Mario's mom isn't a member, but she is really nice to us.  This family is from Honduras, so the make flour tortillas (Mexico-corn  Guatemala-corn  Honduras-flour Argentina-no tortillas Puerta Rico-no tortillas Dominican Republic-no tortillas and I'm not too sure about the rest), But she showed us how to make tortillas.  I'm going to have to practice that a little bit more.  The corn tortillas a really easy, you just add water and smash it.  But the flour tortillas you do by hand, I'm not sure how to explain it, but it was difficult.  She was making fun of us the whole time.  It's interesting to see the difference in culture between the different countries, because when I've had people from mexico teach me how to make food they would always say that I was doing a good job, but sometimes we would say "como esta mi tortilla?"  And she would say "es fea!"  or "Es Horrrible!."  Of course she wasn't just being mean to us, it was more of sarcastic...more or less, I don't know how to explain it, but just know that it was funny.

Right now, we have a lot of people that we are teaching, and a couple that our progressing quite well.

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