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Monday, March 21, 2011

Investigators at Church

This week was awesome.  Recently we have found a ton of investigators, and we have been really busy.  For a couple of weeks there, the work had slowed down a bit, but now it has picked up again, and we have been running all over the place recently.

Yesterday was an amazing day on sunday.  We had 8 of our investigators that came to church, and including all the children of the investigators, we had 19 nonmembers in sacrament meeting.  It was crazy.  It was also pretty insane trying to get everything set up so that they could all come.  We had two of our investigatos who are sisters, and they both have three kids, so in total there were 8 people that we had to get from st. pauls to Hope mills for church, which is like trying to get someone from Salem to Orem.  I started calling people on Friday, and we just barely got something set up on Saturday in the evening just before our nightly planning.  I was stressing out like crazy, because it would be the worst thing in the world to find someone that would commit to come to church as long as they could get a ride, and then us not get a ride for them.

So I've got some good news, you now that mouse that was in the apartment.  Well, it's dead now.

Also, on saturday we had the baptism of [former investigator], which wen't really well.  And Right afterwords, our investigator,  made papusa for us.  I don't know if you've ever eaten papusa before, but it's really good.  It's made of the Maseca flour (corn flour for tortillas), and you stuff cheese and beens inside the maseca flour and flatten it down and cook it on a skillet.  Then she made some sort of salad and salsa that you put on top of it.  But we'll just say it was good.

This was pretty much everything that I can think of to write to you about, we were pretty much just running from apointment to apointment this week.

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