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Monday, March 7, 2011

Good, Great, Yeah

What is your p-day schedule like?

STudy like normal until 10 30, write home, do shopping, come back home, hang around the apt.. It's not too exciting. When I was in Raleigh we would go and play basketball for a couple hours, or some other activity. But here, we live out in the country and there's not too much out here to do. One time we wen't to play basketball, but we had a bunch of dogs come chase us off. It got to the point where one of us would shoot the ball while the other made sure that that dogs stayed back, so we left and we havn't tried doing that again. So at the apartment, often times we clean the apartment, write letters, cook/eat food (sometimes I'll spend a little more time and make a better meal), etc. And Preparation day ends at 6 oclock, and we go at and work after that.

How long do you have for e-mail?

I don't think there is really a set time to be honest. I thought there was before, but I looked in the missionary handbook and I couldn't find where it said how much time, but it does say that we shouldn't preocupy ourselves too much with communicating with friends or family.
Do you do all of your wash on p-day?
yea, most of the appartments in the mission have washing and drying machines.

All of your shopping too?


How is the weather?
Good, it's getting a little warmer, I'm hoping...I honestly don't know how to spell this anymore, but la temporada de los trajes, ends soon.

How are you doing?


On saturday, we translated for the womens conference for the stake. This time around went a little better than last time, but I have found out that most women's vocabs are different then mens (you know how I might say that something is orange and sharee might say that it's peachy). So I kind of just had to try and figure out what they were saying and put it in my own words, because I don't know how to translate peachy...duraznoso...?? But then they fed us lunch (it was a very light lunch, so I ate about 3 plates of food, and then they started taking away the extra plates around us...They had about 30 extra plates a food that nobody was going to eat!) but it was really weird, because the theme of the conference was about the temple, so during lunch they had a "fashion show, where some of the young women modeled their mom's wedding dresses. And as a missionary that is REALLY awkward, so we just ate our food as quick as we could and got out of there.

Yesterday the presidency in the branch got got changed. Pres. Martinez is recovering well, but it's going to be a while until he'll be back in full swing. So the new branch president is now Pres. Urias.

So, kind of a funny story. On Thursday we had exchanges with elder chupin and Elder Raleigh. I wen't over with elder Raleigh, but when we went to exchange back we both drove half way (because it's about 60 mi one way to get from our apartment to their apartment) and we switched back over, and started driving away and my companion told me that he didn't have our phone and that elder chupin still had it. So that's when we started going crazy, because you cant do a whole lot without a phone. so we pulled in to a gas station and got some change to call the other elders and tell them to come back, but when we called them they didn't answer. So we left a message and told them that we would call them back in a few minutes (because we have a rule that we can't use the phone while were in the car, even if your the passanger.) and so we thought that maybe they just needed to pull over. so we wen't in side, and I needed to use the bathroom, and when we left there was an old lady that needed help putting her walker in her car, so we offered to help. But then she started telling us the whole life story of her and her family (I know as missionaries, we should take time and listen which we did do, but our phone was driving down the rode!). So finally when she was done talking (half an hour later, we wen't back over to the pay phone and called them, and got them to stop, but we had to drive an extra 15 miles to get it.

There wasn't too much more that was exciting this week, and this letter is getting long.

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