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Monday, April 26, 2010

2010-04-26 Letter and Pictures

Following is some of the latest information from Elder Compton.  Also, if you are interested, a Google street view link to the apartment (click the link) where he and his companion are staying. 

Hey, How are things going for you?
Sounds like a busy week for you guys!

So the greenie exchange was a lot of fun, kinda scary but a lot of fun... we actually had a member, who spoke english and spanish, come with us on exchanges that night so we weren't completely lost when they started saying stuff that we didn't understand.

We had the activity zone conference this last week on weds.  Pres. cotterrel told us that we needed to focus everthing more on the gospel of Jesus Christ (Faith>Repentance>Baptism>Holy Ghost>enduring to the end).  I know this sounds kinda obvious but sometimes it's easy to get caught up in teaching people about the restoration without talking about how the reason for the restoration was so that we could have proper authority and direction to carry out the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  So that night we focused our lesson on that and set a baptismal date in the process.  And then the next night we did the same thing and almost set another 3-4 baptismal dates, they were a little hesitant.   After the zone conference we had lunch (with the southern food...pork, potato salad, hush puppies, coleslaw),  it was good, however I would have to say I do enjoy the hispanic food a lot better.  After lunch we played volleyball, soccer, ultimate frisbee, and capture the flag for a couple hours then went back to work.

So we did have the baptism this friday night for Edwardo and Gabriela.  It went really well and there was a lot of support from the members there. Elder Thompson Baptized them and then on sunday he also confirmed them.  Thats who they wanted to do it and it was kinda a relief to not have to worry about confirming this time.  However it was kinda funny they didn't show up until about half an hour late.  But on the other hand the baptism for Louilly started 45 min late also, and I've also heard that most baptisms start about half an hour late for the spanish missionaries...

Saturday was a service day so we got to help with a 5k that the stake sponsored (and no, unfortunately we weren't allowed to run in it.)  But we got to stand at the corners to cheer everyone on and make sure that they are going the right way. If I have time I'll send pix of that too.

Monday, April 19, 2010

2010-04-19 Letter and Pictures

So, this week we did quite a bit of knocking doors.  A problem that we often have (dad I don't know if this ever happened to you), but we often times set appointments and about 85% of the appointments we set (usually from the first contact with them) fall through.  So we had a lot of time to knock doors this week.

Also, Edwardo and Gabriela will be baptized this coming friday.  And actually this week is going to be pretty crazy.  Tomorrow I'm going on exchanges with a missionary from my MTC district...we'll see how this goes, two "verdecitos" as companions for a day.  And then on weds. we're having an activity zone conference (I guess we have one of these a year, and normal zone conferences every transfer), and their going to have a pig pickin (My first and one of the few chances I'll have to go to one of these) and some sports to play.  And then the baptism on friday.  And then on Saturday is a service day, so we get to go do service until 5 or 6 in the evening.

We met a really cool family this week.  We taught them just one lesson on the atonement this week and they seemed really interested in it.  It was kinda funny, when we first contacted them they had a smile on their face the whole time, so I didn't know if they were laughing at our spanish, the message we were sharing, or if they were just happy.  But they've been really receptive to what we've taught and tow of them came to church this sunday, Which doesn't usually happen that easily.  So I'm pretty excited to see them progress.

We taught Rosio, Dominga, and Fransisco twice this week about the plan of salvation and a few of the 10 commandments. ..

So, kinda funny, I'm sure this happened a lot for you also dad on your mission, but none of the Hispanics can pronounce "Compton" if I pronounce it how I normally do.  And so the way most people say it I guess sounded a lot like the english word cotton to one of the members.  So now he often times calls me Elder Algodon  Aka Elder cotton. [algodon is "cotton" in Spanish]

Monday, April 12, 2010

Letter from 2010-04-12

So this week we did have one person be baptized.  He was baptized on saturday by my comp, Elder Thompson.  Then I confirmed him on Sunday during sacrament meeting.  I was a little nervous to begin with because I was kinda thinking that he would ask me to confirm him and he asked me at the baptizm if I wanted to confirm him that sunday.  However I didn't realize it was supposed to be in spanish until my companion pointed that out to me, and that made me really nervous for one thing I had to learn the first part when I confirmed him and second of all I never learned the Tu conjugations because we can't normally talk in the Tu form as missionaries.  But I was able to learn how to say the prayer and give him a blessing...I'm not going to say that it wasn't hard but I made it through.

We have two other investigators that have a baptismal date fore sometime at the end of this month that were working on getting them prepared for.  Their names are Edwardo and Gabriela, and I think they are ready, we just need to help them remember to read the chapters in the Book of Mormon that we leave them.

We also met about two weeks ago [with 3 investigators] who seem to be quite interested in what we have to share.  We've met with them about four times and we have mostly just taught them about the Restoration, how they can gain faith, and yesterday we talked about the I forgot the english word...atonement.

So as far as the food goes I've eaten all kinds of different stuff.  As a general trend though there's a lot of rice, beans, and chicken.  but since we eat at the members homes and there from all over the place it's all Hispanic food, but still there's quite a wide variety.  And you know how everyone told me that I was going to love the southern cooking?...well I'm pretty sure I wont be eating that kind of food much.  But don't get me wrong I really do enjoy the food we eat at members homes.

Mission President and His Wife

We just received the following picture and short note from Jeff.  Looks like the note was written when we first arrived in Raleigh but was not sent until April 6 and arrived on April 12.  The stuff in the middle was where the picture had stuck to the envelope in the mail.  Jeff is a tall elder!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Letter From Raleigh!!!

Elder Compton seems to be doing well! Here's what he had to say this week.

Hey how are you doing?!

This has been a great week, we've got two investigators that were working on
getting ready for baptism. We'll see how it goes we may end up with only
one baptism, but if so the other baptism will just be postponed.

So as far as conference goes, we just watched it at the church building, and
most the missionaries in raleigh came and watched it along with a few
members. I enjoyed it, however we didn't really accomplish much this
weekend other than conference. We were on bikes all of this week and it
takes about a half hr to 45 min to bike out to our area, so we wouldn't of
had much time to do much of anything. Instead we just ate and worked on
getting a few things organized for the baptizm this weekend.

So I've found that with the spanish that by the end of my mission I will end
up with some sort of confused accent. There are hispanics from all over the
place and all of them have a different accent. It's sometimes hard to catch
on to the different accents. Some people speak real clearly and others
kinda slur the words together so it's harder to understand. However I think
I'm slowly starting to understand and know what's going on during the
lessons. and when we talk to people

So there are a ton of trees out her (I'm pretty sure I said that last time)
but these last couple of days there has been so much pollen in the air that
there is pollen all over everything, you can see a green powder covering