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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Letter From Raleigh!!!

Elder Compton seems to be doing well! Here's what he had to say this week.

Hey how are you doing?!

This has been a great week, we've got two investigators that were working on
getting ready for baptism. We'll see how it goes we may end up with only
one baptism, but if so the other baptism will just be postponed.

So as far as conference goes, we just watched it at the church building, and
most the missionaries in raleigh came and watched it along with a few
members. I enjoyed it, however we didn't really accomplish much this
weekend other than conference. We were on bikes all of this week and it
takes about a half hr to 45 min to bike out to our area, so we wouldn't of
had much time to do much of anything. Instead we just ate and worked on
getting a few things organized for the baptizm this weekend.

So I've found that with the spanish that by the end of my mission I will end
up with some sort of confused accent. There are hispanics from all over the
place and all of them have a different accent. It's sometimes hard to catch
on to the different accents. Some people speak real clearly and others
kinda slur the words together so it's harder to understand. However I think
I'm slowly starting to understand and know what's going on during the
lessons. and when we talk to people

So there are a ton of trees out her (I'm pretty sure I said that last time)
but these last couple of days there has been so much pollen in the air that
there is pollen all over everything, you can see a green powder covering

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