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Monday, April 26, 2010

2010-04-26 Letter and Pictures

Following is some of the latest information from Elder Compton.  Also, if you are interested, a Google street view link to the apartment (click the link) where he and his companion are staying. 

Hey, How are things going for you?
Sounds like a busy week for you guys!

So the greenie exchange was a lot of fun, kinda scary but a lot of fun... we actually had a member, who spoke english and spanish, come with us on exchanges that night so we weren't completely lost when they started saying stuff that we didn't understand.

We had the activity zone conference this last week on weds.  Pres. cotterrel told us that we needed to focus everthing more on the gospel of Jesus Christ (Faith>Repentance>Baptism>Holy Ghost>enduring to the end).  I know this sounds kinda obvious but sometimes it's easy to get caught up in teaching people about the restoration without talking about how the reason for the restoration was so that we could have proper authority and direction to carry out the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  So that night we focused our lesson on that and set a baptismal date in the process.  And then the next night we did the same thing and almost set another 3-4 baptismal dates, they were a little hesitant.   After the zone conference we had lunch (with the southern food...pork, potato salad, hush puppies, coleslaw),  it was good, however I would have to say I do enjoy the hispanic food a lot better.  After lunch we played volleyball, soccer, ultimate frisbee, and capture the flag for a couple hours then went back to work.

So we did have the baptism this friday night for Edwardo and Gabriela.  It went really well and there was a lot of support from the members there. Elder Thompson Baptized them and then on sunday he also confirmed them.  Thats who they wanted to do it and it was kinda a relief to not have to worry about confirming this time.  However it was kinda funny they didn't show up until about half an hour late.  But on the other hand the baptism for Louilly started 45 min late also, and I've also heard that most baptisms start about half an hour late for the spanish missionaries...

Saturday was a service day so we got to help with a 5k that the stake sponsored (and no, unfortunately we weren't allowed to run in it.)  But we got to stand at the corners to cheer everyone on and make sure that they are going the right way. If I have time I'll send pix of that too.

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  1. Oh Jeff, even on the mission you're having a ball!