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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Letter 2010-05-03

Hey, how are things going for you? So to answer a few of your questions...We have transfers every 6 weeks (we start a new transfer today), However I'm not being transferred and I've still got the same companion. Elder Thompson actually is being called as District Leader for this transfer. As far as the weather goes it's not too bad, however it is really humid (I've never really seen humidity before). But we can coast downhill on our bikes and be dripping in sweat...It's kinda weird, our clothes are usually moist all day.

We havn't really started teaching anyone new that looks like they will progress very quick, however we do have some high hopes for several of the people were teaching right now. Also last transfer the 3 baptisms was really fact our three baptisms were the only baptisms in the district and I'm quite certain in the zone also. I think the average is about 1.5 baptisms per companionship a month.

I think I told you about and her family last week, but we talked to them about the Gospel of Jesus Christ again and tried to commit them to baptism (because the last time we tried to commit them to baptism they said they wanted a little bit of time to think about it so we were following up on that), but they still said they didn't feel like they knew enough. So were going to teach them a little more and help them build their testimony a little bit before try to set a date again.

We got back in contact with ... We had planned on his baptism on the 22 of May, but he hasn't been coming to church so we are going to have to reschedule that.

So yesterday we wen't to a members house for dinner. They had some really good food their, and also I had a drink called Horchata ( I think that's how you spell it). It was kinda weird but yet really good. I'm sure you've tried it before but it's made with rice and cinnamon. I'm hoping to be able to get a recipe for it, however I've heard its hard to make.

There wasn't really anything too exciting that happened this week, we did a lot of contacting and wen't to a lot of appts. that fell through, but we did work hard this week.

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