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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

2010-05-17 Letter

Sorry to be so late getting the letter this week posted.  Here it is.

How's everything going for you?

So this last week has been really slow.  We only were able to teach 4 lessons the entire week.  We've pretty much lost contact with all of our old investigators, which is kinda disappointing, so most of our lessons have been with new people we've found.

We've been talking to a couple families in the branch to try and get them to invite some of their friends to listen to us.  Two of the youth in the ward had a friend that we started teaching on weds.  We have taught him twice already this week (so in other words he our lessons with him consist of half the lessons we taught this week...)  It was really cool though, when we came back to teach him the second time he had read the chapter in the book of mormon that we left him twice because he didn't understand it the first time.  This was really great to hear since often times it feels like pulling teeth to get them to read.  We talked friends who told us that later on that day when they were playing basketball, told them that he felt like his heart was swelling during the lesson and that he was afraid he wasn't going to be able to breath and die.  it was kinda funny hearing his experience in feeling the spirit described in that way, but explained to him that it was the spirit that he was feeling.

This week I went on exchanges with and elder in our district.  Since is district leader I get to go on exchanges a lot.  It was quite interesting because I stayed in our area and went to a different area and I got to try and show around our area...and you know how I am with directions and it's even worse in NC where the are all over the place.  Fortunately I didn't get us lost once!...We were close many times though...  We had to do a lot of biking that day (almost 1.5 hrs in the afternoon)  and at night we had planned a 2 hr. out and back trip planned.  However that night about 20 min into the ride I looked back and saw elder pulido walking...He got a flat tire.  So we walked about a mile to a members house and they drove us back to our apartment where we had a bunch of old tires that we pulled a tube out of and put in his tire.  However we realized that we didn't have the bike pump, some other elders had taken it (that's why I wanted my pump so that I can always have one) and it was already about 8 o'clock so we couldn't have even done much  good even if we had a pump because it takes almost 20 to get to the border of our area and we have to be back by nine to plan.  So that was kinda frustrating, we did our best to make phone calls and use our time as best as we could, but it's kinda difficult when we can't leave the apartment.

This week also was zone conference which was really good.  We talked about how important it is that our investigators are baptized and then also about the importance of them praying and how we can more effectively encourage them to pray.  It was really awesome I learned what i needed to do with everyone of our investigators to help them progress (assuming we get back in contact with them...)

I haven't received the package yet however I'm sure it will come soon.  Thank you very much for sending it to me, I appreciate it very much.

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