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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Letter 2010-05-25

While everyone was anxiously waiting Monday for an e-mail from Jeff, none came.  However, Tuesday brought relief as and e-mail came in about the usual time, just a day late.  He was busy helping one of the couples in the mission prepare to return home.

Hey how are things going for you guys? 

Thanks so much for sending me the package with all the stuff for my bike, the cookies, shirt, and Salsa.  So that light for my bike works great, thank you very much for getting it for me.  I feel like a car driving down the rode with a light like that.

so you put a maple tree in the front yard?  Awesome! You'll have to send pix.

sorry I didn't get the email sent off yesterday.  We were helping elder and Sister Lewis move some things and get ready to move back home, so our pday was cut short yesterday and so were emailing today this week instead of Monday.

This week we've been teaching a boy .  He's only about 14 years old and he's friends with a few of the members which is how we found him.  But he's been progressing really well.  We've taught him about three times this last week and we set a baptismal date with him on June 12.  I'm quite certain that he will go through with this date because he's been quite dedicated and excited about his baptism.  Since he is only 14 years old we have to have the permision of his parents to baptize him.  From what he's told us, his parents are just fine with him being baptized however we need to go over and meet his parents soon so that we can be sure that they are good with it.  But he also came to church this week and did just fine.  He already knew (conocio...I'm not sure which spelling to use in english...) a lot of the boys in the branch so he fit right in.  it was kinda funny, He was actually getting after for sleeping and texting on his phone during sacrament meeting.

There is one other family that we've been teaching, but they've been progressing pretty slow.  We've been teaching them since the beginning of this month and we've only been able to teach them about 3-4 times.  Not only that we haven't gotten past the first lesson with them.  However the seem like a good family and I think they'll have potencial, I just think they are a little more hesitant.

So we found out that David a Bednar is going to come speak to our mission on June 5th.  So that should be pretty exciting for us.

Not too much really happened this week.  We've been doing a lot of finding, mostly because our teaching pool has greatly diminished.

So the Spanish is starting to come quite well.  I'm realizing that I can almost understand everything people say, especially when they talk about the gospel.  It does get a little harder to understand whenever they start talking about things outside the gospel though.

So that's really awesome that Sharee turned in her mission papers.  I'm really excited to find out where she goes (I hope it's spanish!...)

Les amo

Elder Compton

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