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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sharee is Going On A Mission Too!

Jeff's sister Sharee has decided to go on a mission.  She actually started the process back in March and then wasn't sure if that was what she wanted to do.  A couple of weeks ago she decided to commit to going.  Visit Sharee's mission website here and be sure to bookmark it!

Letter 2010-05-25

While everyone was anxiously waiting Monday for an e-mail from Jeff, none came.  However, Tuesday brought relief as and e-mail came in about the usual time, just a day late.  He was busy helping one of the couples in the mission prepare to return home.

Hey how are things going for you guys? 

Thanks so much for sending me the package with all the stuff for my bike, the cookies, shirt, and Salsa.  So that light for my bike works great, thank you very much for getting it for me.  I feel like a car driving down the rode with a light like that.

so you put a maple tree in the front yard?  Awesome! You'll have to send pix.

sorry I didn't get the email sent off yesterday.  We were helping elder and Sister Lewis move some things and get ready to move back home, so our pday was cut short yesterday and so were emailing today this week instead of Monday.

This week we've been teaching a boy .  He's only about 14 years old and he's friends with a few of the members which is how we found him.  But he's been progressing really well.  We've taught him about three times this last week and we set a baptismal date with him on June 12.  I'm quite certain that he will go through with this date because he's been quite dedicated and excited about his baptism.  Since he is only 14 years old we have to have the permision of his parents to baptize him.  From what he's told us, his parents are just fine with him being baptized however we need to go over and meet his parents soon so that we can be sure that they are good with it.  But he also came to church this week and did just fine.  He already knew (conocio...I'm not sure which spelling to use in english...) a lot of the boys in the branch so he fit right in.  it was kinda funny, He was actually getting after for sleeping and texting on his phone during sacrament meeting.

There is one other family that we've been teaching, but they've been progressing pretty slow.  We've been teaching them since the beginning of this month and we've only been able to teach them about 3-4 times.  Not only that we haven't gotten past the first lesson with them.  However the seem like a good family and I think they'll have potencial, I just think they are a little more hesitant.

So we found out that David a Bednar is going to come speak to our mission on June 5th.  So that should be pretty exciting for us.

Not too much really happened this week.  We've been doing a lot of finding, mostly because our teaching pool has greatly diminished.

So the Spanish is starting to come quite well.  I'm realizing that I can almost understand everything people say, especially when they talk about the gospel.  It does get a little harder to understand whenever they start talking about things outside the gospel though.

So that's really awesome that Sharee turned in her mission papers.  I'm really excited to find out where she goes (I hope it's spanish!...)

Les amo

Elder Compton

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

2010-05-17 Letter

Sorry to be so late getting the letter this week posted.  Here it is.

How's everything going for you?

So this last week has been really slow.  We only were able to teach 4 lessons the entire week.  We've pretty much lost contact with all of our old investigators, which is kinda disappointing, so most of our lessons have been with new people we've found.

We've been talking to a couple families in the branch to try and get them to invite some of their friends to listen to us.  Two of the youth in the ward had a friend that we started teaching on weds.  We have taught him twice already this week (so in other words he our lessons with him consist of half the lessons we taught this week...)  It was really cool though, when we came back to teach him the second time he had read the chapter in the book of mormon that we left him twice because he didn't understand it the first time.  This was really great to hear since often times it feels like pulling teeth to get them to read.  We talked friends who told us that later on that day when they were playing basketball, told them that he felt like his heart was swelling during the lesson and that he was afraid he wasn't going to be able to breath and die.  it was kinda funny hearing his experience in feeling the spirit described in that way, but explained to him that it was the spirit that he was feeling.

This week I went on exchanges with and elder in our district.  Since is district leader I get to go on exchanges a lot.  It was quite interesting because I stayed in our area and went to a different area and I got to try and show around our area...and you know how I am with directions and it's even worse in NC where the are all over the place.  Fortunately I didn't get us lost once!...We were close many times though...  We had to do a lot of biking that day (almost 1.5 hrs in the afternoon)  and at night we had planned a 2 hr. out and back trip planned.  However that night about 20 min into the ride I looked back and saw elder pulido walking...He got a flat tire.  So we walked about a mile to a members house and they drove us back to our apartment where we had a bunch of old tires that we pulled a tube out of and put in his tire.  However we realized that we didn't have the bike pump, some other elders had taken it (that's why I wanted my pump so that I can always have one) and it was already about 8 o'clock so we couldn't have even done much  good even if we had a pump because it takes almost 20 to get to the border of our area and we have to be back by nine to plan.  So that was kinda frustrating, we did our best to make phone calls and use our time as best as we could, but it's kinda difficult when we can't leave the apartment.

This week also was zone conference which was really good.  We talked about how important it is that our investigators are baptized and then also about the importance of them praying and how we can more effectively encourage them to pray.  It was really awesome I learned what i needed to do with everyone of our investigators to help them progress (assuming we get back in contact with them...)

I haven't received the package yet however I'm sure it will come soon.  Thank you very much for sending it to me, I appreciate it very much.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Letter from 2010-05-10

We found a new family this week that seems like their pretty cool.  But so far we've just taught him the first lesson about the restoration and introduced him to the Book of Mormon.  It was really cool the last time we visited with him (which was only the second lesson), he said that he had a dream one night that one of his friends came up to him and said that the book of Mormon is true.  I thought this was a really cool story, in fact I wasn't sure I understood the Spanish at first so I had to clarify with my companion to see if that was really what he said.

We had a really cool lesson with New Member (he was the first one baptized).  He brought his friend over to listen to the lesson we were going to teach him, and our plans were to crack down on keeping the sabbath day holy...because he has missed church several times.  but when his friend showed up we decided to focus on his friend and teach him the first lesson.  By the time we got to the apostasy he stopped us and asked us if he could be completely honest with us.  We got a little nervous when he asked this because we were afraid that he didn't agree with what we were saying.  But instead he said that we were making his heart swell and that he had gone to churches and prayed before, but he never had felt like he did right then.  We told him that the feeling was the spirit and that it was testifying to him that the message we were sharing was true.  We finished teaching him the lesson and he was more than willing to listen to us again.  It was also really cool because New Member was there and he loves the gospel, so he taught a good portion of the lesson and he was really exited to share this message with his friend.  However, Unfortunately we cant continue to teach The Investigator because he can't speak Spanish so we wouldn't be able to take him to church with we'll have to pass him off to the English elders.

With the rest of our investigators I feel kind of like we've stalled.  Investigator Guy is a younger guy and just got a job, so he is busy and we havn't been able to contact him for the last week and a half.  And we cant quite seem to get Investigator and her family to come to church, so we've been having a hard time getting them to progress.

So this morning I found a really cool chapter in the book of mormon.  It's in Alma 26 and it talks about missionary work and the results of any person who works hard to share the gospel.  You should go check it out.

Mothers' Day Telephone Call

Missionaries get to call home for about 40 minutes to an hour twice a year on Christmas and Mother's day (They also get to call as they are leaving the MTC and are at the airport if they have time).  Jeff called us on Sunday at about 1:50 pm MDT and was able to talk for about 45 minutes.  

I had canceled leadership meetings at church so that our ward leadership could spend Mothers' Day with their families, so I had just gotten home a little before he called.  The Student had spoken in her sacrament meeting at BYU earlier in the day and then drove out to the house in anticipation of Jeff's call so the whole family was there.  When he called we put him on speaker phone and everyone gathered around the computer desk. 

Jeff seemed interested in knowing what we had been up to even though we had covered most of our activities in our letters to him.  We told him about our river trip down Labyrinth Canyon, trying to keep our black lab from getting out of the yard, building kayak for the Biker Guy, rappelling, track meets, Arrow of Light Cub Scout award for The Scooter, Timberline training for Biker Guy, etc.

We told him about the cooler weather we have had this Spring.  He said that the weather there felt anything but cool with the high humidity.  He said that with the humidity that he only needed to ride his bike about 50 yards before he was dripping sweat off his face.  Not something we desert rats are used to experiencing.  He said that he rides his bike about an hour each way just to reach their "area" so it sounds like he is doing a lot of sweating and burning through all those calories he gets eating at members' houses. 

The Scooter asked if any doors had been been slammed on him and he said, "no," but that many had been closed fairly quickly.  He said that many of the people they contact like to talk about religion but in a contentious manner disputing different point of scripture and doctrine.  Of course, the peaceful feelings of the spirit can't be there in those circumstances and so they try and avoid those encounters.  We asked what a typical day was like and they definitely stay very busy.

Jeff said that the Spanish was coming along very nicely and that he was understanding most conversations now.  They do transfers every 6 weeks and he expects that his companion will be transferred in the next couple of weeks.  Jeff will likely receive a new senior companion but he will be the the missionary with experience in the area and have to show his new companion around.

When it was time to go he wished his mom a "Feliz Dia de Madres!"  He has developed a very nice Spanish accent. 

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Letter 2010-05-03

Hey, how are things going for you? So to answer a few of your questions...We have transfers every 6 weeks (we start a new transfer today), However I'm not being transferred and I've still got the same companion. Elder Thompson actually is being called as District Leader for this transfer. As far as the weather goes it's not too bad, however it is really humid (I've never really seen humidity before). But we can coast downhill on our bikes and be dripping in sweat...It's kinda weird, our clothes are usually moist all day.

We havn't really started teaching anyone new that looks like they will progress very quick, however we do have some high hopes for several of the people were teaching right now. Also last transfer the 3 baptisms was really fact our three baptisms were the only baptisms in the district and I'm quite certain in the zone also. I think the average is about 1.5 baptisms per companionship a month.

I think I told you about and her family last week, but we talked to them about the Gospel of Jesus Christ again and tried to commit them to baptism (because the last time we tried to commit them to baptism they said they wanted a little bit of time to think about it so we were following up on that), but they still said they didn't feel like they knew enough. So were going to teach them a little more and help them build their testimony a little bit before try to set a date again.

We got back in contact with ... We had planned on his baptism on the 22 of May, but he hasn't been coming to church so we are going to have to reschedule that.

So yesterday we wen't to a members house for dinner. They had some really good food their, and also I had a drink called Horchata ( I think that's how you spell it). It was kinda weird but yet really good. I'm sure you've tried it before but it's made with rice and cinnamon. I'm hoping to be able to get a recipe for it, however I've heard its hard to make.

There wasn't really anything too exciting that happened this week, we did a lot of contacting and wen't to a lot of appts. that fell through, but we did work hard this week.