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Monday, May 10, 2010

Letter from 2010-05-10

We found a new family this week that seems like their pretty cool.  But so far we've just taught him the first lesson about the restoration and introduced him to the Book of Mormon.  It was really cool the last time we visited with him (which was only the second lesson), he said that he had a dream one night that one of his friends came up to him and said that the book of Mormon is true.  I thought this was a really cool story, in fact I wasn't sure I understood the Spanish at first so I had to clarify with my companion to see if that was really what he said.

We had a really cool lesson with New Member (he was the first one baptized).  He brought his friend over to listen to the lesson we were going to teach him, and our plans were to crack down on keeping the sabbath day holy...because he has missed church several times.  but when his friend showed up we decided to focus on his friend and teach him the first lesson.  By the time we got to the apostasy he stopped us and asked us if he could be completely honest with us.  We got a little nervous when he asked this because we were afraid that he didn't agree with what we were saying.  But instead he said that we were making his heart swell and that he had gone to churches and prayed before, but he never had felt like he did right then.  We told him that the feeling was the spirit and that it was testifying to him that the message we were sharing was true.  We finished teaching him the lesson and he was more than willing to listen to us again.  It was also really cool because New Member was there and he loves the gospel, so he taught a good portion of the lesson and he was really exited to share this message with his friend.  However, Unfortunately we cant continue to teach The Investigator because he can't speak Spanish so we wouldn't be able to take him to church with we'll have to pass him off to the English elders.

With the rest of our investigators I feel kind of like we've stalled.  Investigator Guy is a younger guy and just got a job, so he is busy and we havn't been able to contact him for the last week and a half.  And we cant quite seem to get Investigator and her family to come to church, so we've been having a hard time getting them to progress.

So this morning I found a really cool chapter in the book of mormon.  It's in Alma 26 and it talks about missionary work and the results of any person who works hard to share the gospel.  You should go check it out.

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