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Monday, April 12, 2010

Letter from 2010-04-12

So this week we did have one person be baptized.  He was baptized on saturday by my comp, Elder Thompson.  Then I confirmed him on Sunday during sacrament meeting.  I was a little nervous to begin with because I was kinda thinking that he would ask me to confirm him and he asked me at the baptizm if I wanted to confirm him that sunday.  However I didn't realize it was supposed to be in spanish until my companion pointed that out to me, and that made me really nervous for one thing I had to learn the first part when I confirmed him and second of all I never learned the Tu conjugations because we can't normally talk in the Tu form as missionaries.  But I was able to learn how to say the prayer and give him a blessing...I'm not going to say that it wasn't hard but I made it through.

We have two other investigators that have a baptismal date fore sometime at the end of this month that were working on getting them prepared for.  Their names are Edwardo and Gabriela, and I think they are ready, we just need to help them remember to read the chapters in the Book of Mormon that we leave them.

We also met about two weeks ago [with 3 investigators] who seem to be quite interested in what we have to share.  We've met with them about four times and we have mostly just taught them about the Restoration, how they can gain faith, and yesterday we talked about the I forgot the english word...atonement.

So as far as the food goes I've eaten all kinds of different stuff.  As a general trend though there's a lot of rice, beans, and chicken.  but since we eat at the members homes and there from all over the place it's all Hispanic food, but still there's quite a wide variety.  And you know how everyone told me that I was going to love the southern cooking?...well I'm pretty sure I wont be eating that kind of food much.  But don't get me wrong I really do enjoy the food we eat at members homes.

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