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Monday, April 19, 2010

2010-04-19 Letter and Pictures

So, this week we did quite a bit of knocking doors.  A problem that we often have (dad I don't know if this ever happened to you), but we often times set appointments and about 85% of the appointments we set (usually from the first contact with them) fall through.  So we had a lot of time to knock doors this week.

Also, Edwardo and Gabriela will be baptized this coming friday.  And actually this week is going to be pretty crazy.  Tomorrow I'm going on exchanges with a missionary from my MTC district...we'll see how this goes, two "verdecitos" as companions for a day.  And then on weds. we're having an activity zone conference (I guess we have one of these a year, and normal zone conferences every transfer), and their going to have a pig pickin (My first and one of the few chances I'll have to go to one of these) and some sports to play.  And then the baptism on friday.  And then on Saturday is a service day, so we get to go do service until 5 or 6 in the evening.

We met a really cool family this week.  We taught them just one lesson on the atonement this week and they seemed really interested in it.  It was kinda funny, when we first contacted them they had a smile on their face the whole time, so I didn't know if they were laughing at our spanish, the message we were sharing, or if they were just happy.  But they've been really receptive to what we've taught and tow of them came to church this sunday, Which doesn't usually happen that easily.  So I'm pretty excited to see them progress.

We taught Rosio, Dominga, and Fransisco twice this week about the plan of salvation and a few of the 10 commandments. ..

So, kinda funny, I'm sure this happened a lot for you also dad on your mission, but none of the Hispanics can pronounce "Compton" if I pronounce it how I normally do.  And so the way most people say it I guess sounded a lot like the english word cotton to one of the members.  So now he often times calls me Elder Algodon  Aka Elder cotton. [algodon is "cotton" in Spanish]

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