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Monday, March 29, 2010

First Letter from the Raleigh, NC Mission

We received our first e-mail from Elder Compton since his arriving in the mission field in Raleigh, North Carolina.
wow so a ton of stuff has happened this week so we'll see if I can pack it all into this email.

So like you already know my companion is elder thompson and we are in raleigh right now more of in the suburbs, but our area is pretty big (I guess it is kinda hard to judge size when It's my first area...but it seems pretty big.)  My companion is really nice I think we will get along real well. 

It's been really great so far, and there are more people that speak spanish out here then you would really think.  Whenever we contact someone we also ask them if they know of anyone else that would like to listen and specifically spanish speaking people, and they usually know somebody that we can go contact.   Also there is a broad range of nationalities, we've eaten dinner at about 6 houses now and the food has been similar, but usually different each time.  I have had several times the fried bannanas like you had made for us a couple times from your mission dad, which I was excited when I saw them.   also I was talking to an elder in our apartment and told him that you went to Venezuela for your mission and he wanted to know which part because he has some brothers and sisters down there.

As far as the spanish is going it's getting there...some of the lessons I can understand what's going on the whole time (usually during the restoration/plan of salvation)  but other times we've gotten into a lesson and I have no Idea what's going on.  There's such a broad range of accents so you always have to adjust to the accent talking to different people.  Dad I think you told me once that the first time that you went to an appt. on your mission you didn't understand everything but you did keep hearing greenie and you could tell that they were talking about you?...well I understand now...I'm pretty sure that happens to every new missionary.

So a really cool story...kinda funny...but  really cool.  On saturday night we had just talked to an investigator who dropped us so we were kinda dissapointed, not to mention that we hadn't eaten dinner yet and only had about half an hour to go back and eat dinner.  I saw some people out in their yard and thought we should go contact them.  So I asked elder thompson if he wanted to go contact them.   However realizing that if we contacted them we would probably miss dinner.   We went up and talked to them (one important piece of info is that they were cooking dinner on a barbaque at the time)  and after about two minutes into the conversation they asked us if we wanted to buy some food (kinda joking)  my companion said no because we didn't have money available to buy and food at the time (which was the truth...groceries are expensive here)  and so they offered to feed us dinner!  so we ate dinner and tought them the first lesson and got a return appt..  So I'm kinda excited to see how that goes, but it was pretty exciting expecially since we got a meal out of it.
So the weather out here is awesome, it's kinda rainy today but all the other days it has usually been sunny and comfortably warm.

So I havn't actually had a chance to ride my bike yet, I'm a little dissapointed about that.  But we get a car every other week so I should get to ride it this week.

He also said that church was all in Spanish and so he must be in an all Spanish ward.

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