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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Jeff to Leave the MTC on Monday

Jeff is set to leave the MTC this Monday March 22. He sent some things home this week and is worrying about making "weight" with his luggage so that he doesn't have to pay extra at the airport. There has been a big group of Jeff's friends and acquaintances from Salem and Spanish Fork at the MTC all at the same time. They apparently all got together for some pictures in front of the world map.

Jeff and his companion, Elder Taylor, have been serving as the Zone Leaders for their zone in the MTC for the last half of their stay. It sounds like being ZL has kept him really busy.

Also, in preparation for their departure to North Carolina, They received their travel plans this past
So we got our travel plans this week. We leave the mtc at 4 am and our first flight is at 7:05 then we have a layover from 12:45-1:45 and we get to nc at 3:39.
There are often some funny things that happen, sometimes on purpose and sometimes by accident by virtue of learning a new language and trying to express yourself.
Here's a story to let you know what happens to a group of missionaries after having been in the MTC for 2 Months...we start to go a little crazy. So on tues. our distric decided to have an Hermano swenson day (hno swenson is one of our teachers). He always wears a sweater to class and glasses so we all dressed up like him and with the sweater and glasses. and we all made sure to be sitting down with our suit coats off so that it would be obvious what we were doing. I was funny watching his reaction to this. And I know...were weird.

So Here's a funny spanish mistake from someone in my district. "cree en una vida despues de martes?"
The translation of the above Spanish is, "Do you believe in life after Tuesday?" I'm sure what they meant to say was, "Do you believe in life after death?" In Spanish death is "muerte" and Tuesday is "Martes", leading to the confusion.

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