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Monday, March 14, 2011

A Mouse!

This week was actually pretty crazy. On Thurs. we had interviews with Pres. Cotteral, and then on Fri/sat I went on exchanges with our zone leader. The exchanges were pretty fun, we did a lot and also ate a lot. One of their investigators cooked carne asada for us in the morning for lunch, and then in the evening we ate some food with one of their members. They're members is from Honduras, so I hadn't ever seen the food that we ate before, but it was something like a hamburger patty with something mixed in with it, and a salad made with just boiled eggs and potatoes (no, it wasn't potato salad). But it was kind of funny, because [zone leader] was sick and the doctor said that for now he can only eat rice, applesauce, toast, etc. So he had to watch me as I ate the food and he ate his bowl of rice. But we also taught four lessons that day, which is a lot. But it was fun being able to speak to him in Spanish the whole day (He doesn't speak much English), that always helps me out a lot with my Spanish.

On Saturday we found a little surprise in our kitchen cupboards. I got back from the exchange and looked in my cupboard and saw a pile of shredded up bread. I saw that and asked my companion what happened, he said he didn't know, he just thought I had done something crazy with my bread. So I pulled my loaf of bread out of the cupboard to se what had happened and saw a little head popping out of the loaf of bread. So as you could imagine I through it back in the cupboard. My companion then grabbed the loaf of bread and put it in the trash. But there was something alive in that, we couldn't just throw it in the kitchen trash. So I pulled it out and brought it out side and through it on the ground, and a little mouse came running out of the loaf of bread. We went back inside and pulled out the microwave and there was a lot of droppings from that mouse, it looked like it had been hanging out there for quite some time. So, now we have some poison out and all of my food is in the fridge.

Other than that there hasn't been too much of anything exciting this week....O wait, Actually, [investigator] … is going to bet baptized on the 2nd of April (which means if everything goes as planned, he'll get baptized before I leave!)

Also the daughter of on of our members is going to get baptized soon. The mom is a recent convert, she was baptized about 8 months ago, so we have been teaching the daughter. … But she'll be getting baptized this Saturday.

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