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Monday, February 28, 2011

Translating At Stake Conference

So I'm sending my letter a little bit later than normal today.  One the members asked us if we could come translate for her.  Her son needed to go to the doctors, so we helped her translate while she was filling out paperwork, and that actually took a lot of time.
Yesterday was stake conference.  It's kind of crazy that I've been in this area long enough to be here for two stake conferences.  They asked us to translate again, and this time it was just me and my companion that translated.  It was pretty difficult to do.  There were some talks that were fairly easy, but I translated a talk by the temple pres., and he taught about the doctrine behind how the sealing power was restored, and he was ready scriptures from D and C (without referencing the scriptures, and if you've ever tried to translate scripture, just know that it's not easy.)  We asked one of the members how it was at the end of the conference and he said "mas o menos, pero estuvo bien" [more or Less, but it was good].
So I told you a little bit about [investigator], and he has been passed on to the english elders, but he's having a hard time switching missionaries... From the sounds of things when we talked to him at stake conference it looks like things are going well for him.  He has a testimony of the book of mormon.
We Taught [investigator couple] this week and they are doing awesome.  We taught the word of wisdom and took the coffe out of the house with us!! (not to mention that, he hasn't drank coffe since we talked to him last. 
That's about all that happened this week, I'm never sure what too write about in my letters.  I feel like I'm always just giving you an update on my investigators, but I'm not sure what else to write, so if you want to here anything let me know.

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