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Monday, February 21, 2011

Bicycle Maintenance

This week was a fairly busy week, recently we've been really busy teaching people, in fact this week we taught in total 14 lessons, It's getting to the point where it's adnormal when we have to go tracting at night.
We were teaching someone named [Investigator] (I think I told you a little about him before.)  He's really starting to progress, he wants to know if our message is true really bad, and so he's been praying about that, so let's hope he receives an answer soon!  Also he was smoking and we talked to him about that and we got him on this program that church has set up to help people quit smoking, and he's doing quite well, he's gone about 3 days without smoking!  However, unfortunantly he is english and so we had to pass him on to the english elders, so on sunday when he came to church, we let the english elders take over (but I expect to go to the baptism if I'm still around)
Transfers are tomorrow, and I'm staying.  This is going to be a long area, it looks like I'll be in this area for about 7.5 months by the end of next transfer.  But there's a lot of work here, and I was getting kind of sad that I was going to have to leave some of our investigators.
Last week I told you about the brake pads that I needed to replace.  Last monday I worked on my bike a little bit.  I tried adjusting the gears, but they just didn't want to get adjusted right.  So on wednsday during lunch after district meeting (district meeting is in fayetville, and we never go to fayetville because there's no hispanics in fayetville and the closest bike shop is in fayetville) I took my bike in to the shop to get brake pads (I bought them and just installed them myself)  but I asked them to try to adjust the gears on my bike, and while they looked at it, they found out that my chain had worn out and that the rear cassett needed to be replaced.  They said that it was just because of normal wear and tear, because I have probably put 2,000-3,000 Mi on my bike by now.  but anyway, that kind of burned a hole in my pocket, because in total it turned out to be $90.  But the good thing is that my gears shift really great now.
We're still teaching [investigator couple] ...  [They're] still progressing quite well, and they have been coming to church consistently for the last 3-4 months.

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