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Monday, February 7, 2011

Biking In The Rain

 So we talked to [investigator] this week and he came to church!!  However he's still a little bit hesitant about baptism.  I think he's worried about band, because he plays the saxaphone in the school band and he will have to play in competions on sunday during band season, and he knows that if he gets baptized that he wont be able to do that.  We have an appointment with him tonight, so were going to talk to him about that, so we'll hope all goes well, and if not we might have to drop him.

This last saturday we stopped by a potential investigators house.  we were going to teach them on sunday, so we were confirming the appointment with them.  They were getting ready for a birthday party for one of their children, so we asked them if they need help, and they had several things they needed done, so we helped them out and then right before we left we got to eat some Mole.  I don't know if you ever eaten it, but it's some really good chicken cooked in a sort of chocolate sauce (chocolate with chiles and other seasonings).
Caught in the Rain!
A Missionary's Best Friend!  Food!

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