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Monday, April 25, 2011

Day of Service

There wasn't too much of anything exciting that happened this week.  Right now we only have 2 people that we are teaching, so we are kind of in a finding stage right now.

On Saturday we had the day of service.  about a third of the stake got together and we went to a cemetery to do some service.  IT was an older graveyard, and there had been a lot of growth.  there was about a 400 yard stretch of the side of the grave yard, and we cut down all the bushes, trees, vines, etc., that had grown in across that 400 yard stretch we cut about 20 yards inward into the woods.  IT was a pretty big project, but there were a lot of people there, so it didn't take long.  We worked from about 8-12 30.  I wish I would have had pix, but I forgot my camera.

Oh, yea, I almost forgot the highlight of the week.  We went to the temple on Friday.  It was really enjoyable.  it had been a long time since we had gone, it was great to go back.  I also bought a couple CD's.  Do you remember the music book I bought that had some guitar tabs for the hymns.  I found that CD and bought it, as well as another acoustic guitar cd, and another CD, that is similar to the EFY music.

ON Thursday we helped a member of the branch out with moving.  A while back, the apartments next to hers, burned.  her apartment didn't get burnt, but there was a lot of smoke damage in the house, so she had to move.  So me and elder Dixson went over to help them out.

Right now we are teaching a Guy named [investigator].  He has a baptismal date for the 7 of May, but I think we may need to change it.  He is doing well, but he hasn't been to church in 2 weeks, and I don't think He understands why he needs to come.  I don't really want to baptize him into inactivity.  But I think If we work on him some more, he'll get baptized.

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