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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Conference... Baptism... and Transfers

So about the baptism you had last week you did not tell us you were going to have one. Congratulations! Tell us about it, I don't know anything about this one. It sounds like all is going well.

The baptism that we had on saturday was a sixteen year old boy that has been working on getting baptized for the whole time that I've been here in Fayetville/raeford. He had to wait for quite a while to be eligible for baptizm, but he finally got baptized this last weekend. He had already been taught a lot by the missionaries in the past, so we didn't have to teach him everything. But we did have to get him off smoking and back on track with reading the scriptures, praying, and coming to church. I've got some pix of the baptism that I'll send when I get the chance.

Do you suffer much from allergies to the pollen?

Not too much. It depends on the day. This last week it was pretty rainy, so it didn't bother me too much, and we were inside all day this weekend. But I did actually buy a package of the claritin like you were talking about. One of the members suggested it to me.

Como estas?

Muy bien.

Como fue tu semana?

Muy Bien

Viste la conferencia en espanol o ingles?

En Ingles. Nuestro presidente de mision quiere que la escuchemos en Inlges. El se siente que es muy importante que aprendamos de las doctinas del evangelio en nuestra lengua materna. Aun no estudio las escrituras en ingles en las mananas. en el principio de mi mision, lo hacia (desde el fin de mi primera translado hasta mi quinto translado). Pero ya no. Es dificil, porque me encanta espanol, y me gustaria estudiar en espanol para mejorar mis habilidades, pero es mejor ser obediente!

algunos de tus investigadores vieron la conferencia?

Si, algunos. Tres investigadores

Como anda la clima?

Bien. Durante la semana estaba lluviendo, pero ahora, hace sol

Hace frio o calor?

hace pocito calor 65-75 degreos

ha estado lluviendo?


So funny story. I was just typing all of this in spanish, and somebody accidently bumped my foot, and said sorry, and I said "esta bien". And no he isn't hispanic.

This week was a busy week. We actually spent a lot of time inside. On tuesday and part of Friday, we did some deep cleaning of our apartment (It was a mission wide thing) Then on Weds we had District meeting and Weekly planning on thursday (like normal) and then of course Conference on saturday. So we Pretty much did that and taught lessons the whole week.

Conference was pretty fun. It was pretty busy though, we got at the church at 9 am to get everything ready for the baptism. Then we watched conference, and then had the baptism in between sessions of conference. Then after the afternoon session of conference we wen't out to eat with one of the members that came out her from raleigh (It's not a member I knew from raliegh. He was baptized here in Raeford, and then moved to Raleigh about the same time that I came here. But right now we are teaching his cousin Morena.) But we ate at a "mexican Restraunt". However Ricardo (the member) wasn't too happy about the food, it was basically taco bell at a sit down restraunt. but that's alright, it filled us. Then on Sunday morning before the first session of conference (conference here starts at 12) we ate lunch at Morena's house (the prima of Ricardo) It was some really good food, we ate a sort of soup. But then she brought out a habanero asado. I don't know if you've ever eaten a chile torreado (grilled jalepeno) But when it's grilled it's a lot hotter. So my companion convinced me to give it a try, That was reeeally picante. It wasn't as bad as the first time that I tested that habenero at home (the one that I got from sundayschool) because I've gotten to where I can eat hotter food. But nonetheless, it was hot.

This is becoming a pretty long letter, and that is pretty much all that happened. But I'm being transfered tomorrow, so I'll let you know where I'm at next week!

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