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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Details on the Transfer

Hey how's it going?

How's the new transfer working out for you?

Where are you?

Did you notice they are building a temple in the town you were born Ft. Collins?

So, yea, as you know I got tranfered this week, and I am now in wallace, and My companion is elder Dixson.  He's from Arizona, and he's been out about 8 months now.  Wallace is an area out in the country (Raeford was in the country, but this is even more country than raeford).  But the area is doing really good right now.  From what elder Dixson has said, they have been teaching a lot of lessons recently (10-15 a week more or less).  It's a branch of about 80-100 people that come every week.  The branch is mixed english and spanish, and they meet in the smallest churchbuilding I have ever seen.  I'll have to send you some pix.  Since most of the meetings are in english (there's a spanish sundayschool class)  we have to translate for church.  Also, there aren't any english Missionaries in this area, so I'll be doing both english and spanish work.  It has been crazy, because I have been serving in a spanish branch for the first however far I am through my mission, because there are only three spanish branches in the entire mission, and I've already served in two of them.  So I have been pretty lucky.

So, sunday I got a warm welcoming into the branch by giving a talk in sacrament meeting.  I talked on the priesthood and how it has blessed my life.  It wen't pretty well, but I wish I would have had more time to prepare.  I had three days to prepare, and I wish I could have had a little bit more, but either way, it wen't pretty good.

You may have noticed that I didn't write yesterday... we had an activity zone conference yesterday.  in the morning we had a lesson on "helping our investigators recieve revelation through prayer.  Then for lunch we had a pig picking (my first one!), and then we played some sports until about 3 30, then we wen't back to work.  That was pretty fun, it has been a while since I have actually played any sports.

One other cool thing that you might be interested to hear.  We found out that Richard G. Scott is going to come and speak to our mission.  I'm way excited for that.  it's crazy, we got david a bednar last year, and now Richard G. Scott, that doesn't happen very often.

I'll have to send you pix of our apartment/house, because we pretty much live in a house made for a family.  There's two bedrooms, a laundry room, a front entryway/living room, a family foom, a kitchen/dining room, and a huge bathroom.  Also, there's a keyboard and a typwriter in the apt.  You might be enterested to know that I actually have been playing the piano.  we have an hour to get ready in the morning, and I only need half an hour, so I have been playing the piano in the mornings this week.  The other good thing is that the members take really good care of us as far as food goes.  There's a lady in the branch the buys us some milk, juice, bread, some fruit, and a meal every week.  I've also heard that we get fed just about every day (not this week though, because it was conference this week, and the meal list didn't get passed around).  But I opened the cupboards of the kitchen, and the cupboards are loaded with food!  I've been playing the survival game in Raeford (on the other hand, that helped me eat healthier, because I could only buy the necesities).

So I think you asked me about the weather...I think you've asked me for several weeks now, but I always forget to tell you.  But it's good, about 70-80 degrees.  it's starting to warm up a little bit...and get a little more humid.  I'm a little bit closer to the coast now, so I think it's going to be a little more humid than last year.  however there were about two days were it was pretty cold, about 40-50 degrees.  also, I think/am hoping that polen season is mostly over.  I think that it rained through the worst of it this year, so it hasn't gotten as bad as it got last year.  And I'm crossing my fingers in hopes that it stays that way.

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