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Monday, June 21, 2010

Answers to Questions

  • How was your week? 
Good...more will be explained later...
  • Any more progress with [investigator] or are his grandparents still opposed to his being baptized?  
No, were actually trying to set up an apointment with him again so that we can have a lesson about what are plan is from here.  We plan to talk to him about what he could do to gain his grandparents trust and to discuss baptism with his parents.
  • How did transfers go?
Great.  I have a new companion, elder Larsen.  He's been on his mission for 21 months now, so odds are I'll probably be his last companion.  From what I've seen so far he seems like he'll be a really good companion.  and he gets mad whenever anyone asks him how long he's been on his mission...which is good, because that means he shouldn't get "trunky".  Another thing that's going to work out well with this companionship is that he likes to ride bikes...I think enough is said there (he didn't ever really ride bikes before the mission, but he likes riding his bike on his mission anyway, and he keeps as pretty good pace)

Also It's been kinda crazy because we have 3 missionaries (including my companion) that have been transfered into the branch.  So as far as things are looking right now this is a good thing, because all the members are excited that a bunch of new missionaries are here and their excited to meet all of them.  In fact we've got a dinner appt with a member just about every night this week.  Which is good for two reasons 1. it's food....kinda obvious 2. We can get referals.
  • How is it being the guy that knows the area?
So...the guy that knows the area...well, I'm realizing how little I know the area at least...  One thing I've never been good at is...well a couple things is directions( I'm pretty sure you all know that, because I always got lost when I tried to go somewhere in provo) not to mention that fact that there are no numbers for the rodes and they wind all over the place in what ever direction they want.  Another thing is that I'm not good with names.  Other than that It's going pretty good.  and I'm starting to learn some of the names of the rodes, and I've got my planner to write down peoples names.
  • Is it getting pretty hot?
Yep, it's getting hot and humid.  whenever we stop and get off our bikes the sweat just falls off our face (I'm serious about that too, I'm not over exaggerating) and my clothes are usually wet all day long, but other than that the heat isn't too overbearing, because once we get on the bikes and we get the wind blowing then it cools us off.

So, yea, that pretty much explains our week, we've been doing a lot of finding recently.  But I'm pretty excited for this next transfer because I've got a new companion that works hard and the members are feeding us (wich will give us an oportunidad (sorry I don't know how to spell that in english...) to talk to the members and get them excited about missionary work, and then hopefully get some referrals.

So I'm going to have to get some more details on this river trip.  Sounds like it was pretty crazy!  and of course pix.

Also I'm excited to hear about Timberline for [biker boy] and [the student's] trip to Connecticut.

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