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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Letter from 2010-06-01

Hey how are things going for you guys, it sounds like you had a pretty fun trip this last weekend.

So our teaching pool is still pretty small, but we have a pretty solid investigator right now that has a baptismal date for june 12.  I think I may have said a little bit about him last week, but he's 14 yrs old and he's friends with a couple people in the ward (which is how we found him.)  He doesn't really do much so we can teach him several times a week.  He's pretty fun to teach and he is really excited about his baptism.  It's really cool, because he almost always follows through with the commitments we give him.  He will read a chapter in a day if we give it to him...which is really amazing because a lot of people "cant find time" to read over an entire week.  It was kinda funny this last weekend because we had an activity where some of the youth in the ward came on splits with all the missionaries to knock doors.  [He] found out about this and wanted to come.  He's only 14 and not a member yet, so he couldn't come on his own, but [his friend] is old enough that he could come with us.  so he came with us to visit a person.  It was really cool because he shared his experience about how he gained his testimony of the book of Mormon and tried to commit the person to come to church.  I thought it was awesome, and funny that he was doing this when he wasn't even a member of the church yet.

I was pretty excited because my companion got his bike fixed this week.  He pretty much had to replace the rear gear casset, his chain, a couple sprockets, and had his gears readjusted.  He had a lot done on it, but that's good because now we can pick up the pace a little bit on the bikes now.

yesterday we didn't get to email because it was memorial day and the libraries were all closed.

Other than that there wasn't too much of anything exciting that happened.  We are excited because the fireside with Elder Bednar is this weekend.

so How's dallin doing out in japan?

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