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Monday, June 7, 2010

2010-06-07 Letter and Pictures

This last saturday we had a really awesome experience.  Elder David A Bednar came and talked to our mission for about 3 hours saturday afternoon.  There's only about 150 missionaries in our mission, so we were easily able to fit everyone in the chapel (on the soft seats).  It was probably one of the most amazing things that have happened on my mission so far and I wish that I could describe what it was like, but you would have had to of been there to really be able to understand what it was like.  He basically was teaching us how we can seek learning by faith.  Which to summarize the entire meeting into one sentence would mean that we have to act or do something to demonstrate our faith in order to recieve example of this that he gave us is that in our prayers we shouldn't ask for the missionaries to be able to find people to teach, but rather we should ask for the courage to talk to people about the gospel so that we can find people to teach, and then we should act on that request.  So, yea, that's a summary of what happened, but I can't excactly tell you what I learned from the spirit and an apostle for three hours,  but just know that it was awesome.  He asked us a bunch of questions for the first half to help us learn helped us learn some concepts about learning by faith, and then in the last half he let us ask him questions.  One really cool thing that I learned (I'm not sure how it got brought up but anyway...) is that he told us that if we don't think something will happen to us then it will happen to us, but if we think it could happen to us then we will work hard enough to prevent it from happening to us.

One other think that I learned is that he told us that it's only when you loose everything that you realize that none of it really matters.  I've realized this a lot bn my mission.  Because I got over missing my guitar and friends a couple of weeks into the mission, the only thing I really miss now is you family (don't worry though, not enough to get distracted)

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