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Thursday, July 1, 2010

New Investigators

Letter 1

How's it going?
To answer your questions for the fourth of july, I'm not sure exactly what we'll do.  My companion said that last year they had to be back by 6 o clock.  So I'm guessing that's what we'll do also...probably just hang around the apartment, I'm not exactly sure on that.

So one thing that i would like to clear up, I'm sure that dad understands this, but I've recieved a couple of letters from a few people asking me if I'm fluent in spanish yet.  So this question is very relative question, I'm not exactly sure what fluent means, because although I may become more and more sufficient in the language throughout my mission, it's still a foreign language.  But just to clear up any concerns, the spanish is coming just fine, I understand what's going on about 90% of the time during lessons, and it's still a little difficult during normal conversation, but it's coming good and I have no idea what fluent means.

So I'm not sure is any of you knew this, but the world cup has been going on these last couple weeks, which means about every other day there's about 2-3 hours of the day that are really hard to talk to people or to get into houses.  It's been pretty fun though because you can start a conversation with just about anyone just by talking about the world cup.  Sharee might be excited to know that argentina won a pretty big game yesterday against mexico.  although we had two people that wanted to come to church yesterday but wouldn't because they wanted to watch the game.

This week has been really nice, because like I said last week we got a new meal cordinator who is really magnifying her calling.  We've had meals just about every night this week.  this has worked out really good, because we normally just have to eat a big lunch from 10 30-11 30 and the take sandwiches with us, or else we would have to spend half hour-45 min to get back to the apartment to eat.  But since the members live in our area, dinner is a lot closer with them.

One of the people that we ate with this week was the quinteros and they are from argentina.  I told them that sharee got called to serve her mission there, and told them which mission it was.  They were excited to hear that, you could tell that they are quite proud to be from argentina.

So it looks like we might have a few people added to our teaching pool now, we taught 3 people this week that showed a lot of interest.  

We knocked [invesigator 1] door and she said that she has a sister in Honduras that is a member, we talked to her about a few things and then set a time to come back.  When we had come back the second time she had read the pamphlet we gave her, and had looked at a bunch of stuff on  We were dissapointed though, because her husband wasn't home when we came by, and we can't teach girls unless there is a man in the house, but she showed a lot of interest so we left a book of mormon with her and set up another appointement with her and brought a member with us the second time.  The lesson we had with the member went really good, she had a lot of questions, but the questions she had were only because she wanted to know if what we had to share was true.

[Investigator 2] we taught last night (it was the third time we taught her, but it seemed like things just clicked with her this time.)  She had some doubts about the book of mormon, but we resolved those and taught her how she could pray to know if it is true.  She also had some doubts about baptism, be cause she had already been baptized in the catholic church, we explained the authority to her and then told her that we would let her pray about the book of mormon and our church to see if she needed to be baptized again only this time by proper authority.  She said the closing prayer and we could tell by the way she prayed that she had a sincere desire to find out if our church was true.

[Investigator 3], was someone also that we just recently met.  He's been pretty much begging us to teach him how to pray, which is usually the opposite.  One day we stopped by his house, because we were in the area and on of our appointments fell through and we wanted to set up another.  We were kind of short on time because it was about 8 oclock and we were about 45 min away from our apartment.  But he was asking us and wanted so badly for us to come help him pray.  So we did, we taught a really short lesson, and we got home just on time (with about 30 sec. to spare), but it all turned out well.

So, yea, that's our investigators, there all pretty new, but were hoping that they'll start to progress.

Letter 2

One more thing, I finish my email a little bit early.  But last p-day we went golfing.  One of the members in the english ward let us go golfing for free.  it was pretty, cool though, because the course we went on was really nice.  However, I'd have to say (this was my first time golfing) I just don't understand this was a lot of sitting around and not doing much of anything.  Also we had to wear a button up polo shirt, so we all went to a tjmax and bought a shirt...I just don't understand this whole idea, you wear gym shorts/bike shorts/etc so that you can perform better...But why do you wear a button up shirt for golfing?

But yea, I've got pix from that, I'll have to send those home sometime.  It was kindof a change from the normal p-day (basketball)  but as you can see from my earlier letter, I'll probably be fixing my bike today, I think my compainion has several things to fix on his also.

que tenga una buena dia

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