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Monday, July 12, 2010

Biking Story

Hey, how are things going for you guys?

This week, once again we did a lot of contacting.  We were only able to teach 5 lessons.  I'm not sure why were not able to find anyone to teach, I keep thinking the work is going to pick up but it just doesn't seem like it's picking up too quickly.

However we were able to teach a lesson to [Sister N], one of the people we taught a couple of weeks ago.  We stopped by her house because it had been a couple of weeks since we had had contact with her.  She was there and invited us in to teach her.  She apologized for not calling us or visiting with us for a while.  She committed to try and follow better the "word of God" as she explained it to us.  The only problem is that her husband (I forgot how to phrase this in English, but el no esta en acuerdo con lo que estamos ensenando a su esposa) [he is not in agreement with what we are teaching his wife].   So we're going to visit with her and her husband this coming Tuesday and we'll hope that we can get something figured out.  She really wanted to come to church this Sunday but for some reason didn't, so we'll have to visit with her and figure out why she didn't come.

So here's a funny story.  We were biking out to the area where we were going to knock doors and we saw this Hispanic on a bike in front of us, so we went to catch up to him so that we could talk to him.  He was on the sidewalk so I was on the side of the rode, so I pulled up on the side of him and tried to wave him down and get him to stop, but I'm not sure if he realized I was there.  So I passed him and there was a little pull out on the side of the rode where I stopped and waved at him and yelled "hey hermano"  but he still didn't stop.  So [elder L] pulled ahead and rode along side him trying to get his attention, but he still didn't stop.  We ended up following him for about a mile or two but he never stopped.  It was kind of funny though because me and [elder L] were sitting down on our bikes keeping our normal pace, but he was standing up on his bike peddling as hard as he could but yet kept the same pace.  I think we kind of intimidated him.  I'm not sure why....

Recently we've found that all the places that we know of that are highly populated with [Spanish speaking people] have all been knocked out pretty well.  So we decided to look for some new places...e.  We rode out to a spot out by nightdale which was about and 45 min-1 hr bike ride out there.  we had never been there before but we saw a trailer park out there that we thought we might go check out.  We had planned to spend the entire afternoon out there.  But it turned out that there were only about 15 trailers in the trailer park and all the hispanics were out working, but we talked to 3 other english people.  It was kinda funny, we talked to this [guy] who was rolling up this cigarette right in front of us.  So we finished knocking this trailer park and had an extra 1 1/2 extra of time and we were in an area that we don't know very well and about a half hour bike ride to the closest area in our area to knock.  so, that kinda made our day hard, because an hour and a half to work in our area isn't enough time because we half to ride for a half hour to get to anywhere  so we only had about a half hour to work.  So yea, that's our story about how we didn't plan very well, I've learned several times (the hard way) what happens when I don't plan very well.

This week I got to go on exchanges again with [elder ].  It was a lot of fun and I got to go to there area where I didn't have to be the person in charge/or the only one who really knows the area.  Also that day we got to ride in the car and the temperature got up to 105 F that day.  The elder that took my spot was quite grateful that they have a full time car after that exchange.

So yea, that's about my week.  It's going great out here, and even though the work is going slow, I'm enjoying it, and I've learned a lot out here.  I'm pretty sure there's nothing I'd rather be doing right now other than out her serving a mission!

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