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Monday, July 12, 2010

Questions Answered

  • How are your 3 investigators coming?  We pray for you and the people you are teaching every night as a family.
Their comming good...well...all three of them got jobs and were trying to get back in contact with them.  People are so busy here, so at times it's difficult to find time to teach them.
  • Did you get your derailer adjusted?  Is the bike holding up  well?   I expect you have put a number of miles on it already.
I think so, I didn't get it last week, but I think I got it this week.  It's a little harder on the mission to work on my bike, because before the mission, like you know I would spend hours messing around with my bike, But stuff like that doesn't really interest most missionaries.  But I think I was able to get it fixed.  It's not perfect but it's better.
  • Do you read your Spanish scriptures mostly or your English?  Are you getting where you understand the language of the scriptures pretty good?
Yea, I've actually been studying in spanish for the last 3 months almost.  And yea, I pretty much understand almost everything.  Not perfectly, I sometimes have to pull out the dictionary or my english scriptures.  And as far as preach my gospel, I was reading that in spanish before I left the MTC.
  • Did we tell you that they are building a temple in Payson?  I am sure that we did but I kind of forgot if I ever mentioned it.  Right now it is a field of winter wheat.  Not really sure when they will start.
Yea, you told me that.  i'm excited!  I hope they get started on that soon so that It will be finished when i get home.

  • Are you still getting a lot of Mexican food? 
Yea, well...hispanic food anyway.  I've eaten a variety of diffirent kinds of food.  However nonetheless, there is usually a common theme of rice, beans, chicken, and tortillas.  But we've eaten with members almost every day this last week which was really good, because we hardly ate the food we bought last week.  So this week I bought a cantalope, 2 lbs of strawberries, 2 lbs of peaches, 2 lbs of bannanas, 2 mangos, and I still have half a watermelon.  so I'm planning to make a bunch of aqua de whatever fruit I want to throw in (aka throw it in the blender and make juice).  I'm pretty sure the aqua that the hispanics make is my favorite food.
  •  I think you were my big milk drinker.  Do you get to drink it much there.
Milk is a little more expensive here (2.88 this week)  so I only drink about 1 gallon of milk.  I wish I could drink more, but it's difficult (I'm usually out of milk by friday or saturday)

So this week I got to go on exchanges with an elder [Elder V]  he's a little verdicito ( I still am too, but he's only 3 weeks out).  And don't be decieved by his name, he is hispanic but doesn't speak spanish.  So it was a lot of fun being the "senor companion" for the day.  I think he also became a little more grateful for the car that he has in his area...we did a little more biking than what he is used to.

We've had a hard time recently trying to find investigators to teach.  It seems like right now it's the middle of the summer and so there's a lot of work to do and so it's really hard to catch peoples attention because their so busy.  But my mission president referred me to a page in Preach my gospel that says that our success is measured by our desire to fulfill our purpose, or invite others to come unto christ.  So I guess I'll just keep pushing forward and I'm sure we'll find somebody soon.

Just one tip as your buying clothes for sharee.  I remember with me, you guys refused to go cheap on the stuff we bought which was a good idea.  The mission is rough on your clothes/equipment.  Some of the missionaries that go cheap end up probably spending more money because they have to continually replace their clothes.  But as far as me, all my stuff has held up quite well.

One more question.  Maybe you could see if their are by chance any mt biking trails within Raleigh.  preferably withing my area which if you look at my area, we work below the road "buffaloe"  to the east of "Raleigh Blvd/skycrest (both names are the same rode just at different parts of the rode)" and over in the towns zebulon, and nightdale.  I'm just looking for something else to do on preparation day besides basketball.

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