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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Investigators!

This week we had a really good week.  We have a lot of people that we are beginning to teach (we find them just right when it's time to leave...figures...).  I told you about Alma, the one the moved recently and can now come to church.  We haven't been able to teach her quite yet, because she's still getting situated in her new house, but she did come to church.  she's working on getting the plumbing done in the house so that she can move in all the way, so were going to see if we can find someone that can help her with that, because i don't think we will be able to teach her untill she gets that all straightened out.

[New convert] (the one that got baptized recently) has a brother, that we began teaching recently.  We taught him for the second time yesterday, and it looks like everything should go well for him.  He did the reading assignment, and said that he would come to church this Sunday.

On Sunday we taught the sister of one of the members.  She showed us where she lived and introduced us to her and we taught her.  It was kind of interesting though, because we had eaten dinner with a member before hand, but then we went with the member and followed the member that gave us the referral to the house.  When we got there, they were eating dinner, so we had to eat some pasta, a tamale, and some pan [bread].  I didn't want to say no, because that's offensive and we wanted to gain their trust so that she would be more receptive to what we taught.  So we ate it, but I was stuffed.  But the lesson went well, and I talked to the member the next day, and she said that her sister liked what we taught.

There were also a few old investigators that we found in the area book that we got up with this week, and are probably going to start teaching.  so we'll see how it goes with that.

On new years eve, we didn't really do too much.  had some lessons that we taught, and then we got back home, planned, and went to bed.

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