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Monday, January 9, 2012

District Meeting

Did the sister get her plumbing fixed and did she get situated in her trailer?
  • Not quite yet, it's moving along slowly.  we taught her on Tuesday, and it was quite the situation.  She doesn't have power or water in the house, and she was having a hard time getting the power set up.  one of the members came with us to a lesson and told her a few things to get the power set up, and it looks like it was going to work.  She was just having problems with getting the electricity inspected.  We haven't really been able to teach her that much this week, I think we'll still just have to wait until she gets everything fixed with the trailer before we can start teaching her.  But once we start teaching her, she should be able to get baptized within a couple of weeks.
We've been teaching [recent convert's] brother.  He's been doing really well.  He came to church, he's been reading in the book of mormon (He's already to about chapter 8 of the book of mormon) and he has a baptismal date for the 11th of february, and I'm about 100% sure that he'll get baptized that day.
This week for district meeting Pres. Cotterall came to our district mtg.  I thought that origionally he was going to teach the district meeting, but then I got a voicmal a couple of days before saying that I had to teach the district meeting.  So it was a little intimidating with him there as well as the zone leaders.  But overall it went well.

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