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Monday, January 23, 2012

Last E-Mail of Jeff's Mission!

How did your Family History seminar go?
  • It went alright, we only had one family show up, but we were able to teach them and hopefully that can turn into something good.  It was kind of stressful,  because when I suggested it to the bishop and the ward family history consultant, they really liked the idea.  But I had a hard time working with the ward to get it planned, so It probably wasn't planned and advertized as well as it could have been because of that.
How were things this week.
  • Good, we are still teaching [Investigator].  He is just about ready for baptism.  We had a really good lesson the other night.  his sister was commenting to us that he had commented about how he would like to serve a mission.  It was just something he said, but nonetheless, it would be really cool if he got baptized and then a year out served a mission. 
How was it being with the zone leaders?  Are the zone leaders Spanish speaking?
  • It was great.  they aren't spanish speaking.  in the evening they did a lot of work int he area book, so I wasn't able to do much, so I just had to sit there for a while, but overall it went well.
So quite honestly I'm just writing this email to kill time, because elder Warner needs to email, so I figured I'd might as well write an email.  But I'm going to see you on Wednesday, so I could probably just tell you all of this when I see you in a much shorter amount of time.  But I'm excited to see all of you.  I havn't been saying anything in my letters because I have been trying not to think about it too much so that I could keep working hard, but I am very excited to see all of you again!

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