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Wednesday, December 28, 2011


So I just talked to you a few days ago, so I don't have too much to say.  However in these last few days (2 days) there have been soo many things coming out of the woodwork, that it's amazing.  We have three or four member referrals that we should be teaching within this next week or two, and we had a really awesome miracle last night. 

There was an investigator that we stopped teaching just when I got here, because she got a job and didn't have time to visit with us or go to church.  She was on track for baptism and had been taught everthing.  it wasn't that she just lost interest, but more of that she literally couldn't come to church, she had to work to survive, so we dropped her for a while, but we have been trying to stay in contact with her and we stop by every once in a while when we are near her house.  last night we stopped by and she was there.  She told us that she is going to move today to another house in the same city, so we're going to help her move tonight.  The trailer that she is going to live in was given to her, so she doesn't have to pay rent anymore because it's her house.  so she quit her job, and has another job lined up that should allow her to be able to come to church again, and she said that she would be at church this sunday and she still wants to be baptized!
So, other than that not too much has happened since Sunday.  I got the package.  Thank you!!

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