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Monday, December 19, 2011

Spanish Family History Seminar

We had a fairly good week this week, we are still teaching [sister investigator], and it's about the same situation with her, were still trying to help her come to know that the Book of Mormon is true.  She's keeping the majority of her commitments, but is having difficulties leaving behind her old beliefs.

Si this last week we started planning a family history seminar (in Spanish) for Jan. 21st.   I have never really used family history as a finding idea, but I was reviewing the talk by Elder David A Bednar [click Elder Bednar's name to see the talk] from general conference where he talked about family history, and I also thought about grandma ruby's conversion, so I thought maybe it might be a good Idea.  The plan is to have the members come and invite their friends, and we will also invite people that we find.  in the class we will teach about why we do family history and how to do it.  We just barely came up with the idea, but we decided that if we were going to do it, that we better start advertising right away, so we got a flyer put together this week and got a lot of plans put in place for it.

We had quite a surprise on Tuesday.  Tuesday was transfers, and we thought that elder Jensen (the one that did the mini mission) was going to stay.  But we got a call from the APs and the zone leaders on Tuesday afternoon while we were in a lesson.  So we called them back, and they said that the new missionary was on his way and would be at our apartment in half an hour.  so we hurried back to the apartment to wait for him, (because the English elders were out at an appointment and weren't answering their phone).  

We had the Christmas zone conference this last week (you saw the video of it).  it was good,  the first half of the day, we had training on "the Doctrine of Christ"  and then we did the singing.  [Scroll down to see last week's post with the video]

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