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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Singing at Zone Conference

Here is a video of Elder Compton and his zone singing for the Christmas zone conference.  You can also see it by clicking here

We had a fairly good week this week, it looks like the work is starting to pick up a little bit more.  I may have mentioned the [investigator] family that we found a little while ago.  They had been attending and experimenting with several different churches, but hadn't found the one the were looking for, so they decided to let us in and see what we had to say.  We taught them the restoration, and did the normal things that you do when you teach a first lesson.  Then we had a return appointment for this last Wednesday.  When we went for the appointment at 8, they weren't there.  so we went to visit some potentials, then the member we were with dropped us of at our house at about 8:20.  so we made some phone calls, and then we took the car and went back, and they were there!  so we taught them and had a really good lesson.  they had read what we had left with them, and had some really good questions about what they had read, and they had also prayed about it, they didn't feel like they had received an answer, but they are going to keep praying about it.

We are also still teaching [Sister Investigator] and her son.  She's moving along, she is fulfilling commitments (except for coming to church these last few weeks, but she should be coming this next week.)  but she's having a hard time changing beliefs.  She told us that she's been Catholic all of her life, and that to change and accept that you weren't in the true church all of that time would be really hard to do.  Which I agree with, it would be really hard to do, but hopefully we could help her overcome that.

So it's been kind of weird, so since I've been training, [my companion] always asks me questions about how to say certain things in Spanish, and even asks me why I say certain things in Spanish.  But its been hard to answer some of his questions about why certain things are said.  It's not because I don't know how to say those things in Spanish, because I normally do know how to say it, but they are just things that sound right to me but I don't know the grammar behind all of it.  for example if I were to say "I read the scripture"  instead of "I'll read the scripture".  You hear it and it just sounds bad, that's kind of how it's been.  I know how to say it, but I don't know why you say it that way.

For dinner on Thursday, the relief society invited us to come to their christmas activity, that was just for the relief society.  I'll be honest, it was a little strange going to a relief society activity, there's a reason that they don't invite the men to relief society activities.  It was just wierd.  There was a lot of food there, but everyone put just a tiny amount of food on their plates, while we were stacking our plates as high as we could.  And the conversations were just awkward.

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