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Monday, January 3, 2011

New Years and Jeff's Birthday

What did you do for New Years?
  • Not too much, We taught a lesson to somebody in the evening, and then we came back to the appartment (we had to be inside the appartment by 8 if we werent teaching a lesson, but we were teaching a lesson, so we got back at 8 30)  and then we planned, but our nightly planning was a little longer than usual, and we finished at 9 30 anyway.

Brother Young and brother Callison both said they got letters from you this past week.  What did brother Young send to you for Christmas?
  • He sent me and my comp a package of a bunch of snacks and a pix of Christ and a book mark with a pix of Joseph Smith.

Did you get to do anything special for your birthday?
  • Well, Yesterday was probably one of the busiest days I've had recently.  So we started out personal study at 7 45 until 8 45 then we went over to the church for correlation and pec, then we had sacrament meeting (and we had one...two new investigators come I'll explain later), then after church we ran around trying to talk to all the people that we needed to talk to for about a half an hour.  Then one of the members always brings us food on Sunday, so we ate the food really quick and then went out to visit a referral from the English elders (if I have time I'll tell you about him.)  so we ended up teaching him, then we had to book it back to the car so that we could get over to Saint Pauls and teach [Investigator man].  We taught him and then taught a guy named [Another investigator man], and by the time that lesson was over we hurried back home so we could get back on time, we planned wrote in the area book, ate the Birthday cake (thank you very much!!) and went to bed.  Oh, yea, I opened my packages in the morning, thank you very Much for the presents!!!

How are your investigators coming?
  • Pretty good. 
  • We found a new investigator this week (the one I previously mentioned that came to church for the first time)  He is from Guatemala (which was kind of cool, I haven't talked to many people recently from anywhere but puerta rico or mexico)  But he previously had known the church and welcomed us in his house the first time we knocked his door.  We gave him a copy of the book of mormon and the next time when we came back he had read the chapter that we had left with him!  Unfortunantly the lesson was cut short because his sister showed up and needed his help, but he told us that he would come to church.  However it was quite the ordeal getting things lined up to get him to church.  Saturday night I spent about an hour on the phone calling people to get him a ride set up, by finally we got someone to pick him up,  and it was such a relief when I finally saw him walking in the doors.
  • The other new investigator that came to church...well she's not really and investigator yet, we haven't really taught her, in fact the first time we met her face to face was on sunday.  But she was a referral from on of our [other] investigators.  So we had only talked with her over the phone, but it looks like she has a lot of interst, in fact she was telling us in sunday school that she is only here on vacation ( she is from colombia) but that she is going back in Febuary and that she would like to be baptized here and then have her records sent over to colombia.  we have plans to teach her this coming weds, so we'll see how it goes.
  • Another person that we have been teaching recently is [investigator man].  We taught him last night and he said he wanted to be baptized.  The only problem is that he needs to get married, so we talked to him about that and he said he's up for it, so were going to call the court house to get some more info on it.  The awesome thing also is that he and his wife have ID!!
So are you going to have a baptism on Saturday the 8th of January. 
  • We visited with [Investigator man] yesterday, and from what he said, he still doesn't know for sure if the book of mormon is true or not, he hasn't quite prayed about it yet, and we stil ahve a few things to teach him, so we decided that it would be best to change the date for the 22 of Jan.
This is getting pretty long and I'm running out of time so I'll end it here.

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