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Monday, January 24, 2011

Hey, how is everyone doing?
So, this week as well as the week to come have/will be quite busy.  Since about fri/sat, the evenings for the coming week have literally been booked.  From mon.- tues..  Which is great, however it has been a little difficult trying to get appointments set up with other people.  But either way, it looks like there should be a lot of good things coming in this area.
This last week we had a zone conference, which was really good.  We learned about learning to recognize/use the holy ghost in our work.  as well as planning (which was all very similar to what we learned at timberline, just applied to missionary work.  In fact there have been a lot of things from timberline that have been very helpful as a missionary.)
Also at the Zone conference I was finally able to get in contact with someone that was in Raleigh, because I still hadn't heard what had happened with the people we were teaching there(fernando and lucia).  Unfortunantly I found out that they never did get baptized, they just didn't want to get married.
Yesterday was a really busy day,  We had meetings at the church from about 9 am - 3 pm  and then we brought the sacrament to [Branch President] at the hospital (who is doing quite well.  I told you last week that he had a brain hemmoriage, but we found out that when the bleeding started in is brain, it almost immediatly clotted/sealed off.  So he is recovering quite well, and it is anticipated that he should make a full recovery.)  then had our companion study and ate dinner.  By the time all of that was done we had time to go by a potential and then we wen't to a fireside.  The fireside was a recent convert fireside.  It was held at the stake pres. house and several recent converts were invited to tell about their conversion stories.  and Investigators also came so that that could hear the testimonies of the converts.  We had one convert that came (she was baptized before I got to Raeford).  [My companion] translated what [she] said, and I translated for one of the recent converts of another branch.  But it was quite nerve racking to translate.  It is one thing to translate into headphones, but another thing to stand up in front of a bunch of people to translate.
i told you last week about [investigator] and how he bailed out on his baptism.  We talked to him one more time, and he still was pretty noncomital about being baptized.  Me and [my companion] have talked about it a little bit,and at this point we don't know if there's too much more that we can teach him, so we might just have to drop him for a while, and maybe he'll decide to be baptized later on.
So, kind of random thought.  Yesterday I was trying to translate sacrament meeting in my head (from spanish to english).  But there came a point in one of the talks when the speaker said.  hay una diferencia entre querer y amar.  (Sorry, I'm sure you don't know what that means, but I bet dad could explain it.)  At that point in time I realized I that that line doesn't really translate very well.  It's kind of funny, because there are some things that I can say in spanish, that I honestly have know Idea how to say in English.

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