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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Out of Lock Down

Hey, how is everyone doing?
So, sorry I wasn't able to write until today, but we got snow on Monday, and then a bunch of Ice on Tuesday, so we were stuck inside until the afternoon on Tuesday, and the libraries have been closed until today.  You asked me if I needed any more warm clothes, I think I should be good for now.  Thanks for sending the gloves, I will really enjoy them.  Also, I don't think we should have many other days when were stuck inside the apartment. [We] were able to find stuff to do on Monday/Tues.  In fact those two days went pretty quick.  In the bathroom of our apartment, there is a mirror, that has looked like it was going to fall down since I've been here, so the previous week I had bought some anchors to rehang the mirror, so I did that, then while I was at it I repainted the bathroom, cleaned the bathroom and the kitchen, and took care of a few other things, and by the time all of that was said and done, the day had ended, then on Tuesday we had a bunch of people to call in the morning, and we wrote in our area book, so we were able to keep pretty busy, and our apartment is really clean now.
We found out on Saturday that Elder Ratto is being transferred, so right now I'm with another missionary from our district and our companions are headed to Raleigh right now for the transfer meeting.  I'll be staying in Raeford, but I'll be getting a new companion.
these last few weeks have been getting crazier and crazier, it seems like our teaching pool is just getting fuller and fuller (also more and more spread out).  Were trying to juggle our schedule with [two investigators] who live in St. Pauls, [one investigator] who lives in Redsprings, [family of three] who live in Hope Mills, and [one investigator] who lives in Raeford.  I always like to try and teach our investigators at least twice a week, because they usually seem to progress a lot better that way, but if you notice there are 4 different cities that we go to and only 7 days in the week.  But I guess this is a good problem to have.
On the 22 it looks like we should have two baptisms.  So that wouldn't be this Saturday but the next, so I'm pretty excited for that.  However I feel kind of bad for elder Ratto, because he has to leave just one week before the baptism.
Also it looks like [Investigator] should be able to be baptized on the 29th of January as well.  He's still a pretty new investigator, but he seems to have a ton of potential.  He's showed a lot of interest in what were teaching and he absorbs it all.  The best thing is that there's no [issues with keeping the commandments].
We had a really great Sunday also, there were a lot of people that came to church. [eight investigators] all came.  So church was kind of crazy (It's been that way recently).  We showed up at the church and were running all over the place until church started, and then got a break for sacrament meeting, then we ran all over the place again to get things going for Sunday school, then taught Sunday school, and the ran all over the place to get stuff ready for priesthood, then we got a break during priesthood, then ran all over the place after church trying to get apts confirmed/ set up/ etc.
Make sure to send me pix of the tortillas you make!  Also pix of you trying to eat with the tortillas!

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