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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Holidays in the Mission

So I guess yesterday was a holday for some reason (the day after the day after christmas, or something like that) so I'm writing you today.
So do they normally eat corn tortillas with each meal.  I thought it was flour tortillas you eat with each meal.  Anyway it was fun and delicious.
  • Yea, for the most part they eat corn tortillas with each meal (were in the US though, so they've kind of americanized).  I've only eaten flour tortillas a few times, I think it takes more effort to make.  But if you go to the store in the hispanic food section they should have some flour tortilla mix.  I'm not sure how to make it, but you can give it a try.
So to finish off the rest of the day on Saturday we went over to the Martinez house and had a Christmas dinner.  It was a pretty normal americanized dinner, nor tortillas, beans, rice or anything.  But it tasted really good, and we got stuffed, even to the point of it hurting, but it was all worth it.

o on saturday night we got some snow as well as most of sunday (in total about 6 in.)  And everything her shutdown.  Church was cancelled and everything.  In fact Pres. cotterall sent us a message and told us that we couldn't take the bikes or cars out that day.  So we were stuck in the apartment the ENTIRE DAY...  It was kind of relaxing at first, we ate lunch then I read the Liahona and studied some spanish, but then as the day went on it kind of got looong.  Sometimes it's difficult freezing outside knocking doors for hours on end but I am realizing now that it beats staying inside all day.  

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