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Monday, December 13, 2010

Teaching Pool Exploded

 So I have to ask when you read scriptures from the Book of Mormon are your investigators receptive to the teachings from the B of M?
  • It depends from person to person.  It isn't an uncommon accurance when I pull out a copy of the book of mormon to hear someone say "another testament of Jesus Christ?" then following several various reasons why that's wrong.  But others accept it just fine.  Sometimes it takes them a while to understand that it's not actually the bible (usually that happens when they start reading and see names like nephi, moroni, etc.  Then they get all upset because those arent the names they ususally see in the bible.)   I usually share scriptures from just the Book of Mormon.  In fact I know very few scriptures from the bible that I can use in teaching.  More than anything it's because everyone knows about the bible, the book of mormon is unique to us and is realy the basis for our investigators testimonies.
 Wow, so things are just looking better and better in our area.  It seems like our teaching pool recently has just exploaded with people.  Not only that we've had a lot of new people coming to church on sunday recently.  I think that also because of that we are slowly begining to grow excitement in the members as the see new people at church and get to know them.  So I'm anticipating that things should just continue to get better for now.  Also this last sunday we got a new mission leader, Hermano ponce.  This should be awesome, if we can keep the excitement going in HNO ponce I think that we will be able to see a lot of good things coming from the branch.

Also this next saturday we are having a Christmas party with the branch and Pres. martinez asked if either me or my companion could play a musical number for the party.  So I volonteered to play the guitar.  I have plans to just play a rythm to a few christmas hymns and then sing.  We'll see though, you know how I am about singing in front of people.  Not only that I havn't actually been able to get ahold of a guitar to practice it yet, I'm afraid I might just have to do it imprompt.  I have the chords and everything and they aren't difficult songs but it's still a little nerve racking.  But if I do do it I'll take depends on how good/bad it is or I might just send pix.

Oh, yea, I'm not sure if I'm exactly sure how to pronounce our last name any more..I think i might be pronouncing it with a spanish you'll have to help me with that when I call home.

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