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Monday, June 13, 2011

Ribeye Steak

We had a pretty good week this week.  It seems like we have a fairly good teaching pool right now, but for some reason or another we weren't able to teach many of them this week.  But I think it should pick up again this coming week.

Recently we've been teaching someone named [Investigator].  I wrote a little bit about her last week.  She was the one that was worried about the end of the world, and then had a lot of questions about judgment and the resurrection...resureccion, so we answered a lot of her questions using the book of mormon.  But then we taught her about the Restoration...well, tried to.  But she had a lot of doubts about prophets and apostles.  She liked us talking about Jesus Christ and the Atonement, but she got a little uneasy when we talked about prophets.  More than anything I don't think she really understood what a prophet is.   (and she's not the only one, there are a lot of different beleifs that I've heard of what a prophet is.  In fact a lot of people don't recognize the need for a prophet.   I've ran into so many people that think that the bible is all that they need to be "saved", but what they don't see is how many people say that, but yet how many different beliefs and religions have come from the bible.)  We talked to her on friday about what a prophet is, and we ended up spending about an hour and 45 min. talking to her.  It was a lesson that at first it seemed like it was all going down hill, but somehow at the end we were able to recover it.  We were with a member that talked a LOT, he was saying a lot of good things, but the conversation was moving so quick, that I felt like the spirit wasn't really able to be there like it should.  [She] just wasn't catching on to the concept of prophets, so finally we jumped into the Restoration and the first vision.  IT seemed like when we shared that, the spirit was able to come back strong again, and it clarified a lot of the doubts that she had.

We also are teaching someone named [Investigator man].   [He] has a baptismal date for the end of July.  But we had been struggling with praying with us during the lesson (something that our mission pres. wan'ts us to do at the end of every first lesson is to invite the head of the household to give una oracion de rodillas [Prayer kneeling] (sorry I couldn't figure out how to spell that). ).  But he just didn't wan't to do it.  So we went over with a member to teach him on tuesday and taught him about prayer.  IT was kind of interesting though, because the member is american and doesn't speak one word of spanish, but we still invited him to bear his testimony about prayer.  It actually turned out really well, we had to translate for him, but I felt like it turned out well.  Whenever we go on exchanges to visit a spanish person with an english speaking person it's a little different, I always feel like their's a barier between them, but it seemed like it wasn't like that this time, and they were actually able to communicate.  But, at the end of the lesson, Jose Prayed!!

On saturday we had a really good dinner, one of our members fed us Rib eye steak and potatoes.  I know that's kind of a random fact, but beef is expensive out here, and that's probably only the 3rd time I've eaten steak on my mission, so it was a really good dinner.

In response to your question about the weather, it's getting pretty warm.  It has been in about the 90's this whole week.  But it is also quite humid out here.  I'm a lot closer to the cost this year than when I was in raleigh, so it's even more humid than Raleigh was.

I was wondering if you could possible find on the internet or somewhere that tells how to speak in vos.    Not Vosotros, but vos.  There are a lot of Hondurans here and they speak in vos  a lot, so I'd like to figure out how to use it.  It's similar to speaking in Tu (tu, tuyo ti, etc.) but it's a little different.  and also I was wondering if you could make me a copy of the last general conference in SPANISH on disc so that I can practice listening to spanish a little more (it's a little more difficult in this area, because sometimes I don't speak with a native for more than 1/2 hr in a day.)

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