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Monday, June 27, 2011

Lot of Tracting

How are you holding up with the weather?
  • Good, It is really not much hotter than last year, but it is a lot drier.  We haven't had hardly any rain this year, which for here is very unusual.  They don't have any sprinklers for the crops out here, so a lot of the corn is about to shrivel up and die.  But even still it's wetter than Utah, and still plenty humid.
How was Spanish Day and how are things with your companion? 
  • We haven't had the spanish day yet, that will be the 15th of July.  Things are going great with my companion.  It's been great working with him, I was talking with another elder and he said it is kind of funny, because my personality and elder Dixson's personality are so similar.  But Transfers are tomorrow and he's getting transferred.
[We]  would like you to take pictures of the countryside in Raleigh if you ever get the chance.
  • I'm assuming that your referring to the countryside of North Carolina?...because there isn't countryside of Raleigh.  But I can work on that, it's sometimes difficult because I don't really have much time to take pix, but I'll try and take a few pix.
Have you been affected by the wildfires or the smoke?
  • It depends on the day and which way the wind is blowing,  the fire isn't in our area, but sometimes we get the smoke blown our way.
This last week we did quite a bit of tracting.  I told you last week about how most of our investigators dropped us.  and on Wednesday it made the final push.  We called up Jame's mom to see when we could teach him, and she said that she wasn't so sure anymore that she was going to let him get baptized...  So we'll have to see, it might change if we give it some time, but we just have to wait it out for now.  So we've spent most of this week knocking doors and trying to find someone new to teach.
This week kinda reminds me of a scripture in Alma 26 when Ammon is talking about his mission to the lamanites and there's a verse that said something along the lines of when the were discouraged that the lord comforted them [See Alma:26:27].  (I'm not sure exactly how it goes, I don't have my scriptures w/ me right now.)  But it seems like nearly every day in the morning I had a good study and got excited to go out and work and then worked hard but then by the end of the day I felt kind of discouraged but the next morning I'd have my study again and then get exited to work the next day, and it all went through the same cycle.  Sometimes it's difficult but nonetheless, it's such an important and urgent work that it's so important to keep at it.
Our District

Our District

There's always a frog in front of our doorway at night, and I call him el guapo sapo [the handsome toad]

Family that was baptized a little bit before I got to Wallace

Mission Conference with Richard G Scott - Most of the Spanish speaking Elders

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  1. Guapo Sapo!!! That's Mr. Mic's frog name!! Yay For JEFF