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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Investigators Moving Away

So, it was a pretty good week this week.  we kept busy and taught a bunch of lessons.  However, we started out the week with 4 solid investigators, and 3 baptismal dates, but somehow withing two days we lost three investigators and 2 baptismal dates went with it.  so we still have james that we are teaching, and he's still on track for baptism.  we moved his baptism for the 9th of july, but now I feel like we just got set back at square one. 
So I just found out that we are going to have a "spanish missionary day"  Meaning all of us spanish missionaries are going down to raleigh to go to the temple (I'm guessing in spanish, but I'm not sure...) and then I guess training and lunch or something like that, but I'm pretty excited for it.  It's kind of funny that whenever we go to trainings, all of the spanish missionaries group together and all of the english missionaries group together, we don't really talk to the english missionaries much.  So it will be awesome to get together with all of the spanish missionaries.
This week we found an awesome investigator.  We found him on monday, had an awesome first lesson with him and set a baptismal date with him.  The second lesson with him (weds.) was also a really good lesson.  He talked about how he felt the spirit during the lesson, and his desire to change his life.  However when we called on saturday to confirm our appointment with him that night, he said that he had moved out to his mom's house in goldsboro and is going to be there for a month.  So I guess we'll pass that on to the goldsboro elders.
We were also teaching someone named Jose.  We had set a baptismal date with him and he had even come to church last sunday.  We had lost contact with him for most of the week, but when we finally got back up with him on saturday we found out that he was moving back to honduras in 3 weeks, and would be to busy to contunue the lessons, and I don't know if he's going to let us put him in contact with the missionaries in honduras or not.
We were also teaching someone named Johana, and the last lesson we had with her was a really amazing lesson ( I think I wrote about it last week)  however since that lesson we havn't been able to get up with her, and were pretty certain that she is avoiding our phone calls/not anwering the door, etc.
But on a good note, we still are teaching James.  I mentioned a little bit about him earlier, but he's doing pretty good, and should be able to make his baptism.  We just struggling to get him to read the book of Mormon.
So I did get my bike fixed, but it was a little frustrating.  I took apart the break, and there was just a little spring that had broken (I took a pix of the spring).  I talked to the bike shop and they said that we couldn't order/get just the little spring, so I ended up having to buy the entire new brake, which I'm sure you saw wasn't cheap.  I thought about just going to the hardware store and trying to rig something up, but I figured that brakes are important and I'd better not try to rig it up somehow, and that it would have take too much time.

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