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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"Pretty Good" Week!

We had a pretty good week last week, we were able to teach a lot of people last week, and our evenings are pretty much booked from now until the weekend.  We are still teaching [investigator] and he is still on track to get baptized next month.  We were able to get permission from his mom to baptize him.  She was a little reluctant, but nonetheless gave us permission.

This last week we got in touch with several of our old investigators that we hadn't had contact with for a while.  Several of them have different work schedules now, and we are going to be able to visit with many of them this week.  So we'll hope that the all work out.

We just got back from an awesome lesson (we taught it right before I came to email.)  She had been raised in a baptist church, but recently she had quit going to church, but she wanted to start going to church again, and we just happened to knock her door at the right time (about a week ago).  She was busy at the time, but she invited us to come back.  We taught her today.  We just taught her about the restoration, but the spirit was really strong and you could tell that she was interested.  at the end of the lesson we set a baptismal date for the end of July.  She agreed so promptly to a baptismal date, that it was almost as if I wasn't sure if she new what I had asked her at first, but at the end of the lesson when she said the prayer she expressed her gratitude for being able to be baptized!

Yesterday, our preparation day, was memorial day, as you know (which is why I couldn't email yesterday.)  but the Racquetball courts were closed,  so we tried to go play Frisbee/basketball outside, but with the heat/humidity we didn't last longer than about an hour.  So we went back to the apartment, and I decided to cook something for dinner with the time that we had.  One of the members told me how to make salsa Verde, so I tried making that.  it turned out decent, but it will need improvement, and then I made rice, beans, chicken (well...i warmed up the chicken that a member brought us in the microwave), and homemade tortillas.  It took about an hour and 20 min, but doing all of that wore me out more than the longest bike ride I've gone on during my mission.

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