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Monday, May 23, 2011

Another Baptism

How are things with your new companion?

Elder Dixson has been a really good companion.  He's a good missionary and we get a long really well. 
How goes the piano playing

Good, I guess they didn't get the memo at the baptism, because I went to go up to play the piano and somebody already beat me to it and played the recording on the piano.  But either way, I've been playing the piano at the apt. quite a bit.

 This week we had the baptism of [investigator] (as I mentioned earlier).  Everything went really well.  I'm trying to download the pix to send to you, but the computer doesn't seem to recognize my camera, so we'll see if I can send it or not.

I'm trying to think of what happened this week, but I can't really think of anything, it always goes so fast that it seems like I just wrote you.  We had a lot of appointments set up this week, but it seemed like about 70% of those appointments fell through this week.  so we did a lot of contacting and we have tried to get up with some of our investigators.  Recently, as in the last couple of weeks, we found several new investigators, we're just trying to get back up with all of them and try to get them progressing.  One problem we seem to run into a lot is that a lot of our investigators don't have cell phones or any phone at all for that matter.  so it is difficult to get in contact with them because we're out in the country, and it's hard to get around to all of our investigators.  This was the same problem I ran into in Raeford when I first got there, but once I learned the area and got the hang of it I was able to keep things moving pretty good, so maybe it will be similar here.

We are teaching someone right now named [investigator].  I think I told you about him last week,  but we reset his baptismal date for the 25 of june, and I think its going to go through,  the grandma had a few conflicts with the previous date that we set.  But this week when we taught him we were at his dads house and we went there with bro. Brown (he served his mission in Chile).  The girlfriend of [investigator's] dad was there, and so she listened to the lesson while we were there.  Bro Brown did a really good job at friend shipping and helping out with the lesson, and she agreed to be there at the next apointment, which is today.  The other good thing was that she is from honduras, and so I asked her if she knew how to make Valeadas (Tacos made from flour tortillas usually with beans, some sort of meet, hondurenean cheese and crema...ask Cody I'm sure he could explain it.)  so, the next time we go over with bro. Brown, he's going to teach elder Dixson and I how to make Valeadas (or at least the tortillas).

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