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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Less Active Family Comes to Church Again

- Do the Hispanic people make their own tortillas there?  If so, you should learn how to make them.

Some times, a lot of times they just buy them.  But I've attempted to make them on my own before...key word there would be attempted.

- How are things with the new companion?  They have kept you moving the last little while.

It's going pretty good with my new companion.  Like I said last week, he's only about 3 months out in the field, so I've been doing a lot of the talking now.  Which is great at times, but at other times it's difficult because most the time I understand spanish quite well, but there are still times when I get lost (and I'm sure I will still get lost talking to people in spanish no matter how good at spanish I get, just cause it is a foreign language).  and in this area we are near the military base, which means that  a lot of the hispanics that live here are from puerta rico, because they can serve in the army.  Dad, I'm not sure if you ever got to talk to anyone from puerta rico on your mission, but their accent as well as people from cuba and the dominican republic are quite difficult to understand.  I sometimes wonder if they're not speaking some other language.
- How is the new area going for you.

The new area is going great, well I guess it's not a completely new area, but the fayetville area and Raeford area have been combined.  But we have a HUGE area,  if you look on the map we cover cumberland county, Robinson county, and Hoke county.  and we have about 200 mi to last us through the next week.  We are limited on the miles that we can use each month, so it looks like we will be doing a lot of biking this week.
this last week we've been just trying to figure out the two areas.  I have to learn the new part in Raeford, and Elder Ratto is learning fayetville (not that I really know fayetville very well know how I am with directions...)
We are now living in the apartment in Raeford which we are working on repainting the apartment.  The walls were pretty bad, so pres. cotterral is allowing us to spend 1-2 hrs everyday to work on that.
This last week we taught this guy named .  I think I probably told you about him last week.  He is a friend of one of the members in fayetville.  or I guess I should say that he is staying with one of the members in fayetville while he goes to school here.  He's studying to become a missionary (which makes things interesting) and he has plans to go back home to guatamala and be an architect, as well as do missionary work for his church.  
Also, the family that I told you about, came to church again!  Sometimes missionary work can be difficult, expecially some of those days where you just knock doors all day long and don't find anyone that wants to listen, but moments like that when you get a family like the Rosas who hadn't gone to church for 5 years, to come again and not only that but two weeks in a row, and it makes everything else worth it.  It gives me hope that some of the people I talk to that may not seem like they want to progress, will eventually make the change.

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