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Monday, October 4, 2010

Chased By Dogs

  • Have you been able to watch conference?
Yep, we watched it at the church.
  • Did you get in any of the flooding in NC that we have heard about?  It seems most of it was along the coast but wondered if you saw any or at least got some heavy rain.
Nope, it rained all day last mon. and tuesday but I didn't get to see anything too extreme, kind of dissapointing but I didn't get to see much flooding.
  • Do you need anything?
Nope, as far as I know I think I'm doing good...well actually if you could see if you can find Ryan Hyatt's mission address on facebook or through Dallin's mom, that would be awesome!

Dad, you were saying that you were thinking about buying a spanish copy of preach my gospel.  I sent home an extra copy of that home with that package that I sent home just before I left the MTC that you can have, that was an extra.

So this last week, we spent pretty much the entire weekend at the church.  Conference weekend is always difficult because you almost feel lazy all weekend because we have hardly any time to get out and ...tocar  But either way, conference was great, and I learned a lot from it.

Also last friday I went on exchanges with Elder Ratto, which was pretty fun.  He's being trained right now, so he's still pretty green.  but i enjoyed the exchange and I got to ride my bike again, as tiring as it got some days in raleigh I have gotten to where I miss being able to ride it.  ..oh, yea... I got chased for my first time on my bike by some dogs.  It started out with just one dog, and then he came back with another dog, and they were on both sides of me, about a foot away from my bike.  but it wasn't long until I was flew past Elder Ratto trying to get away from them.  But Elder Ratto must have gotten used to being chased by dogs, because they started to follow him, and I don't think he even flinched.

Last night we found a really awesome family.  We basically just taught them the restoration, like a normal first lesson.  They understood really well the doctrine that we were trying to teach them (which was a miracle because it was by no means because of how we taught them that they learned so well/quickly).  This made me think of a scripture in the BOM, I'm not sure where, but it says something along the lines of that the spirit will carry the message to the heart of a person.  Meaning that the spirit will teach us the things that we need to know, but the person must allow for the message to enter in.  I've seen some lessons where I've felt like I did a really good job at teaching the lesson, but yet the people just don't seem to understand.  And at the same time with lessons like what we taught last night where I didn't necessarily do an amazing job at teaching but yet they understood really well.

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