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Monday, October 18, 2010

Less Active Family Comes to Church

I bet that you have really pretty leaves there.  Are the leaves changing?
  • Nope, it's still all green here
In one of your letters you said you got to eat with the English missionaries.  You said you got to use a knife and fork.  What do you eat with normally?
  • use tortillas to eat.  You tear off a piece of the tortilla and make a little spoon with it and scoop up the rice/beans/meat or whatever your eating. 
So this week is transfers, and it turns out the whole bike area was only temporary, which is a good thing, this last week was kind of rough.  It was really difficult to be able to effectively work without a car.  The Fayetville area is being closed, so tomorrow I will be going over to raeford, which is the area right next to us.  My companion will be elder Ratto, my current companion is elder Loe and he's being transfered, but I don't know where to.  For right now we'll probably just finish teaching some of the people that we are currently teaching in the Reaford as well as Fayetville area, and then we will move more towards the Raeford area.
This last week I think it was tuesday, the cable on my front derailer broke, so I had to get that replaced.  It was kind of interesting though, the cable itself cost $4, but to install it would have cost another $12-15.  So I just decided to install it on my own, and it worked out pretty well, I was able to get the front derailer adjusted fine and everything.
This Sunday I was really excited because the came to church.  They are some less actives in the branch that hadn't come for nearly 4-5 years.  We've been teaching them for this entire last transfer and it's been difficult trying to get them to come, but we had a miracle this last tuesday for one of the lessons we had with them.  We had an exchanged that was planning to come with us that day, however he called and canceled about and hour and a half before we needed to leave.  We were on bikes and so it would have not worked out to bike there, because it's about a 30-45 min drive in the car and we would have to take the freeway.  So we called a bunch of people trying to find someone that would be able to come.  We finally got ahold of somebody called brother drann (he served a mission in guatemala).  He came with us and I am certain that he was supposed to be there for the lesson.  We were teaching the family how to have a family home evening, and we were teaching the lesson about the plan of salvation.  In the middle of the lesson, brother drann jumped in and just laid it down about the importance of going to church.  The mom asked if the kids needed to wear dress clothes and we explained to them that at the church we are in God's house, so we should wear the best that we have, but then Brother Drann jumped in again an told them that he would by their kids some church clothes (which he did do.)   I felt like the family in a way wanted to go to church, but kind of felt embarrased to do so because it had been so long since they had gone, and because the boys didn't have church clothes.  But when we had a member there that was supporting them 100% it really helped them gain the confidence to come.
So the baptismal date that I told you about, we are still teaching him.  However he has to work on sundays, we talked to him about this, and he said that right now he wouldn't be able to get work of, but there is potential in the future.  We keep working with this guy, and maybe we'll be able to get him to come to church.

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