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Monday, October 31, 2011

District Leader

Has it cooled off much for you?
  • Yea, quite a bit.  it's been dropping down into the 40/50's.  it's been a little chilly.
How is [sister investigator]?
  • Good
Is she going to get baptized?
  • yea,  she is going to get baptized this next Saturday.  She is doing really good.  We had a Halloween party at the church and she came with her daughter and husband, and what surprised me more is that she brought food to the activity,  which means that she is already actively participating in the church even though she is still an investigator.  Which gives me high hopes for her staying active in the church, because she isn't going to sit around and wait for fate to decide her salvation, but instead, she'll get in there and actively look for it.
 How is your investigator pool going?  Has it grown at all this past week?
  • poco a poco.  It hasn't really grown that much.  But I'm hoping to change that.  I have some changes that I'm going to do for finding, so we'll see what comes of it.  The plan is to visit/seek referrals from members a lot more, do service, and look in the area book, and to do very little door knocking.  The reason for that is because knocking doors is not very effective,  but hopefully through those other things we'll be able to find some new investigators.
So tomorrow are transfers, and elder Walker is being tranfered, and I'm training this transfer, and I'm also going to be district leader.  I'm a little nervous about that, mostly about training,  because the way I train him will have a pretty big impact on how he turns out as a missionary, so I don't want to mess up.
I told you about the Halloween party that the ward put on.  It turned out really good.  They had a bunch of games for the kids, and then did a trunk or treat.  There were a lot of nonmbembers there.  We spent the whole first hour and fifteen minutes talking to the nonmember friends that people had brought to the activity, and then they did the trunk or treat, so that was a little difficult to talk to them then.  but we got to visit with them,  we just need to follow up with some of the members to try and teach them again.

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