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Saturday, October 8, 2011


Things are going pretty well for me. 
We have several people that we are teaching right now.  We are teaching someone named [sister investigator].  She is a member referral, and She is progressing quite well.  She came to general conference this weekend, and i think she liked it.  We didn't have much time to ask her about it, but I think she liked it.  We had a lesson with her recently and she's starting to recognize a little bit more the promptings from the holy ghost, she told us that when she reads the book of Mormon it becomes really exciting for her and that she wants to read more.  We also set a baptismal date with her. 
We also found a family just when I got here.  They're still pretty new investigators, but [mother] has already read the Book of Mormon and told us how she felt relaxed while she was reading in the Book of Mormon.  That is such a huge miracle, I think that is a huge struggle for most people is to first of all read in the Book of Mormon, and then to recognize when the spirit tells them that it's true.
So, General conference.  There were a lot of talks that I liked from it.  There were some good talks in the priesthood session.  I love how bold Jeffrey R. Holland is.  There was also a talk that someone gave in the priesthood session, I don't know who it was, he is an x-mission pres. but he talked about missionary work. 
So, I'm getting this letter sent off a little bit later than normal, because this morning we went and played basketball with some members.  the church building is literally about a block away from our apartment.
So my time was about to run out, so I wanted to hurry and get the letter sent off before I got kicked off, but my companion is still writing his letter, so I signed back on.
So kind of a funny story.  we watched conference at the church.  But something wasn't working right with the electronics, and they couldn't at first get the spanish translation going, and we had an investigator there.  So I got the translation equipment ready, because I thought that I was going to have to translate (which wouldn't have gone too well, because, I tried to translate a few things in my head from conference, and their vocabe and grammer is really good, and it would be hard to keep up with)  But just as I got that set up, they changed it to spanish.  However there were about four other missionaries there, and a member that don't know one bit of spanish, so for about two of the talks they all just had to watch and wonder what was going on.  Then they finally got the english back on, but we had to listen with the headphones, so I just listened in spanish.  but I had to second guess myself when I heard that they were going to turn the tabernacle into a temple, I wondered for a minute if I understood it wrong.
Baptism of person Jeff taught before he was transferred

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