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Monday, August 22, 2011

Playing Racquetball

This last week, went pretty good,  However a little slow as far as investigators go.  We've had a hard time recently maintaining our investigator pool.  So right now, once again were kind of in a finding stage.

On Fri/sat. we had several service projects planned that we did.  On Friday we helped one of the members clean up some of the trash in his yard so that he could mow the lawn.  But before we started, while we were waiting for bro. Cruz to get ready, one of his sons has a guitar, so he let me play it for a few minutes.  However, this was the first time that I have played a guitar probably since I was in Raleigh, and I couldn't hardly any song.  I had to give it a few tries to play "sweet home alabama", and I couldn't for the life of me figure out the song by Boston that we used to play all the time (I don't remember the name of it) [Peace of Mind].  It was somewhat embarrassing since I had claimed to have played the guitar for so many years, and then could hardly play anything.

Then Saturday morning we went over to another members house to help him with some yard work.  And then in the evening we went to go help a part member family with some work that they said that they needed to get done, but once we got there and changed clothes, we found out that they didn't need the help after all, but we did get to eat some pretty good food at their house. 

This last weds./thurs.  I our district leader went on exchanges with me to our area,  and elder lake went with his companion.  The exchange went pretty good.  We had an awesome contact with someone during the exchange.  We saw her outside her house, she had just gotten home, and her kids were getting out of the car,  so we started talking to her about her kids, and related that back to eternal families.  She then told us that just a few days she was wondering about that, what would happen to our families after this life, and what happens when we die.  So we taught her the plan of salvation.  The amazing thing is that she really didn't have much time, I think that she had to go to work or something, but she allowed us to teach her for a few minutes,  which is amazing.  Because most people could easily make the excuse that they don't have enough time.  But that really showed that she was prepared, and that she was honestly wanted to learn and seek truth.

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